Texas Tech Football Notebook: Matt Wells and Coordinators Discuss Kansas State

Every Tuesday night is a whirlwind for me, last night I went to my nephew’s junior high game (won the danged game in the last minute) so the summary is even more of a summary than normal.

Head Coach Matt Wells:

Lot of respect for Chris, respect for Skylar, Deuce Vaugh is one of the best in the country, can get loose and is really good. Daniel Green leads that defense and guys on special teams that keep you up at night. Always have an interest in kickoff return, #4 is special and a neat thing to see. Will have to do a good job in that phase.

This team has a lot of resolve, they have been very coachable. Need the same sense of urgency to stack success and find a way to win 2 in a row. That’s a step for us. Have bounced back.

Need to know where #22 is at all times and on offense continue to be us and get the ball in the hands of the playmakers. Be really good in punt and kickoff coverage. Special teams won them the game last year. Missed 2 red zone field goals last year.

Dadrion Taylor has played well on safety spots, kickoff cover, his 3rd year in the program and with Muddy’s injury, his role has increased and the last couple of weeks, has played well.

Henry Colombi played well last year, new offensive coordinator, has improved in the spring, Henry gives you a confident 5th year senior at quarterback and guys have confidence in him. He will move the chains.

Biggest thing for our offense is get the ball in hands of playmakers, with Sarodorick and Xavier, they are a good combination. Play to our strengths and minimize what their strengths are, which are length at corner, lot of respect for Green. They do a good job of mixing zone and man.

Like Virginia Tech blocking those punts, with K-State there’s always a guy back there with kickoff return, depends on frontline and a special returner. Have to be special and courageous and the front line has to win single-blocks.

Compare Vaugh to Sproles, he can leave after this year. Catches the ball out of the backfield really well.

Just trying to win Tuesday, guys getting extra treatment. These guys are motivated, like the culture, and it is right in the middle of the season and find a way to play well this week against a good K-State team.

Prepare for K-State and do similar things in practice, similar game plans in all 3 phases, execute and find a way to win. Just being great at the things that are boring.

Klieman and Snyder, can’t compare it to Snyder teams because never coached against Snyder. Klieman’s teams are tough and physical, don’t make mistakes and don’t turn the ball over.

Where we have struggled is keeping consistency at that unit and keeping guys healthy. That is an area that we need to be better at.

Kick coverage has been challenged and have gone against good returners. Our guys have covered well and Trey kicks out well, Dadrion Taylor, Patrick Curley, Tyrique Matthews, Seth Collins, Dalton Rigdon, those are the most consistent and been there every week.

Dawson communicates well, and experience, and Frank has played well, Landon played well, Caleb Rogers had a good game, Burger has played center and not missed a beat, goes back to how Farmer rotates those guys. Moved them around in spring and training camp and will have a guy that will miss part of a game.

Don’t listen to the radio broadcast, unless it comes out of my mouth I wouldn’t confirm or deny that [re. taking the ball and not deferring]. Weather and wind are things to think about.

Resources, recruiting is faster and ahead here, at Utah State was one of the top 2 or 3 teams and here every game is a battle.

Sonny has done a good job of spreading it around and everyone carrying the ball. We put in screen tags we throw when the defense loads the box. Keeps those guys happy and keeps them inspired and something new and keeps skill guys involved at practice and motivation for those guys and they are having fun with it.

Offensive Coordinator Sonny Cumbie:

I think he has used that experience to prepare and the speed of the game does not surprise him. A sense of calmness, comes with experience and preparation.

Donovan Smith has been a bit tricky, don’t want to disrupt what you are doing on offense, Donovan has added to run and pass game and adds to our development.

Get kicked in the teeth and come back and not let that happen again. Need to handle success and have to replicate it each week and it is human nature to let your guard down and teach them to manage success every day. you get what you put into it, and the results will be in your favor.

Just talking about it a lot and come off of a disappointing loss and have that same motivation this week and move forward this week. Continue to press them and get in that frame of mind.

They are a 3-down and 3 safety shell and various coverages and very physical, remind me to Baylor when Rhule was there, very physical and very aggressive and tough-minded defense.

Have our foundation of what you are and play to your strengths.

Thought they made plays in the run game and running power and creating with a lot of space, catching the football making plays, ask them to do a lot.

Have a lot of confidence in scoring points, think the biggest thing is scoring touchdowns and have ourselves in the football.

Think that guys started the game fast and overcome early mistakes sign of a team that has matured, fewest mistakes and right back this week and has had a good approach.

Defensive Coordinator Keith Patterson:

Have to make sure you are smart in coverage and begins with the run and stop the run so they can’t keep you off balance. Being aware of where Vaughn is located.

Been about consistence and there are times we execute and have looked good, that’s the biggest thing is consistency and stack success and manage the preparation.

Had new people on the field last week, no different this week. Have to look at opponent and have a foundation to be multiple and simple. Injuries are part of the game and have to be that next man up mentality and let them go.

With Tony and Troy out, so we just adapted and played with 2 d-linemen at times and did well, but that’s game-by-game, but who you are playing and personnel dictates that.

Devin Drew played well, one of his best performances and Big Cheetah played well, he was physical, there was a play where he comes inside and he runs the guy out of bounds on the opposite side of the field to catch up to him. More of a group effort and played well as a unity and Rabbit was close to having a spectacular game.

Coming out of the WVU game, lose Reggie Pearson, and looking back and having him and Frye on the field at the same time isn’t their game, hindsight is 20/20 and try to get better and get successful. Rabbit is an ultimate competitor, rushed for 5,000 as a running back, track and basketball, He’s fast and his skillset is similar to Tyrone Mathieu and has same skillset and a natural.

Start with the quarterback and the team rallies around him, their receivers are good. They have 3 good tight ends and are big up front offensively and they work a a unit extremely well.

They are smart with him, they will do a lot of things with him. Need to know where he is. Problem is covering him, has a nice set of hands and catches the ball well and be aware of the situations and it starts with the 2 guys in the backfield.


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