Texas Tech Football Notebook: Wells Discusses Kansas

It is time to get ready for the Jayhawks.

The coordinators weren’t available today, or maybe it is more accurate to state that the media availability for the coordinators was not pushed out on YouTube, they very well could have been available.

Head Coach Matt Wells:

  • No new injury updates, everyone is day-to-day, a lot of guys are day-to-day, don’t anticipate a ton of guys coming back.
  • The biggest thing is to keep things simple for the players, high level of communication with the players, bad run fits with the linebackers and safeties, did not get off blocks well and tighten run fits.
  • Missing two of three starting safeties, Reggie Pearson and Marquis Waters, you miss your starters, but doesn’t mean you don’t have two back-ups. Their presence in the run game provides value.
  • KU’s Neal is a good back, a local guy and highly recruited and talented and kid from Rockdale.
  • We were in 4-man front 40% of the time, not 3-man front, which is a misnomer, when you run a linebacker through, you get to a 4-man front. Were in a variety of those, as coaches you can second guess every call. Scheme does not look good when you run through. Be better schematically, this week is a different animal and that is defensive football. Scheme are always things you are evaluating.
  • Bean is very athletic, straight line speed and is something we have to concern ourselves with, have to account for the quarterback run.
  • Deal with wins and losses, the result of a game will not define me and I mean that sincerely, I won’t let anyone out-work me and be passionate about my kids and how I treat my players and staff defines me and I answer to one man, that’s Kirby Hocutt, the people and coaches invest so much, it is euphoria if you win or not let you demoralize you if you lose. Just keep doing it. Are we disappointed, heck yes, don’t want one loss to create two losses. Try to lead with consistency and that you don’t have feelings and you aren’t disappointed, but we get up and go. Put players in the best position we can. We had disappointed players in the locker room.
  • It’s just the next game and who we play next, this game this week, whether it is Kansas or Kansas State, it is about us. Respond to football adversity.
  • I think offense is about execution and get the ball to our play-makers, KG and Erik, the three H’s, run the ball to win.
  • We’ve got good leaders and captains, they are very disappointed, they invest a whole lot, been proud of how they acted the last couple of days.
  • Henry Colombi has been very consistent and solid, what you see on Saturday’s is what you see in the week, makes good decisions, has gotten us out of a few plays.
  • Are completely different than two years ago, character of the kids, good hearts, they have good work ethic, really trying to invest to win on a consistent basis, that’s our goal to be a consistent winner. Missed an opportunity to stack success, we missed that success. Try to find a way to win again. Been proud of our players and they continue to invest and put yourself out there, there is a disappointment and have to fill the tank back up.
  • Colin Schooler has been a great leader and he cares, prepares the right, practices well and is very consistent. Want a player-led team and program and they are leading from within the program.
  • We’re desperate for a win every week and don’t think that changes.
  • Donovan Smith has done a nice job, his package has expanded, the moment has not been too big for him, he practices and performs well. Not any drop-off with Henry, they’ve done it real well, they have managed that and molded those two guys. Right now it is situational for us, but we have a lot of confidence in Donovan.
  • Not adding to practice, balancing workload, time and know those reps are cumulative, manage those bodies, Kansas is coming off of a bye week so they will be fresher.
  • It’s just being focused on win #5 and hopefully we can win on Saturday and get to #5 this week.
  • All of the offensive skill guys are stepping up, Mason, Kaylon, Trey, Loic, all three H’s, Price, Rigdon, Mannix, playing special teams.
  • Krishon is playing behind Riko and playing Riko and Colin in the box, Jesiah and Big Cheetah outside, he’ll get his opportunities to play and it a lot of competition.
  • Jesiah has a lot of force, on the edge, he’s playing our Sam right now.
  • [Was asked about how he likes his eggs] If I go to a restaurant, it’s over easy, and if I’m cooking, it’s scrambled and Jen makes scrambled.

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