Setting the Big 12 Table: Week 7

It’s already week 7!



OKLAHOMA STATE (5-0, 2-0) @ TEXAS (4-2, 2-1)
Date & Time: Saturday, October 16th @ 11:00 am
Line: Texas -5.5 (Opened Texas -5.5)
Commentary: There was a big game down near Dallas-way as the Texas Longhorns choked (not sure if that’s the right thing) a 20+ point lead to the Sooners. Don’t get me wrong, that Texas offense is pretty spectacular, but the defense may not be very good at all. Oklahoma State was off last weekend so they’ve had an entire 2 weeks to prepare for the Longhorns. My thought is that the Cowboys will be more than ready for this game and I also think that the Cowboy defense is decent and maybe a reason why I think this game is closer than the 5.5 points.


TEXAS TECH (4-2, 1-2) @ KANSAS (1-4, 0-2)
Date & Time: Saturday, October 16th @ 3:00 pm
TV: Big 12/ESPN+
Line: Texas Tech -16.5 (Opened Texas Tech -17.0)
Commentary: Well, Kansas had an entire week off to prepare for this Texas Tech game plus it is their homecoming. Kansas has been pretty bad all year and I sort of think that will continue, but I’ve been wrong a lot. Texas Tech getting their rear-end handed to them by TCU was not pleasant and Texas Tech tends to play decently against equal or lower competition (except for SFA). The fact that the line already moved 2.5 points is discouraging for Texas Tech fans. It would be nice to see the Red Raiders take advantage of Erik Ezukanma and I also tend to think that this game the safeties won’t be as vital, but we can all be $1 that Kansas is going to try to run the heck out of the ball with a relatively mobile quarterback.


TCU (3-2, 1-1) @ OKLAHOMA (6-0, 3-0)
Date & Time: Saturday, October 16th @ 6:00 pm
Line: Oklahoma -12.0
Commentary: The Sooners pulled off the near-impossible by storming back and beating the Longhorns, all while replacing Spencer Rattler at quarterback for Caleb Johnson. TCU’s defense is not great (yes, I realize what I’m typing) and I think that TCU won’t be able to run the ball like they did against Texas Tech. Oklahoma is in bad shape and I think that there’s going to be a time where they’re going to get bit, but I just don’t know when that is. I don’t think it will be this weekend. I also think the 12 points is too much.


IOWA STATE (3-2, 1-1) @ KANSAS STATE (3-2, 1-1)
Date & Time: Saturday, October 16th @ 6:30 pm
Line: Iowa State -4.5 (Opened Iowa State -4.0)
Commentary: I feel like we’ve forgotten a bit about these two teams. Both teams were off last week, so they should be on equal footing. I don’t think that Kansas State is a bad team and they’ll rebound and Iowa State should be whipping ass and they just aren’t. Brock Purdy was replaced in the Iowa game (and Iowa is obviously good) and there’s just something a bit uneven about their play, especially offensively. I sort of expect Kansas State to play really well at home because that’s what they do and Iowa State has struggled on the road, such is the tail of conference football games.


BAYLOR (5-1)
Opponent: BYU (5-1)
Date & Time: Saturday, October 16th @ 2:30 pm
Line: Baylor -4.5 (Opened Baylor -5.0)
Commentary: I did not have Baylor doubling up West Virginia on my bingo card, but they certainly did that last week, plus a bit more. Baylor got excellent play from their quarterback and maybe the West Virginia offense is broken. Like really broken, and I’d also guess that Baylor saw Texas Tech receivers getting chunk yards and decided to ctrl+v on those plays and take advantage of the less than stellar safety play from West Virginia. This game is also fun from the standpoint that future conference-mate BYU is headed to Baylor so we add two of the more religious college football universities playing each other in a preview of the future Big 12 conference.


WEST VIRGINIA (2-4, 0-3): The Mountaineers are struggling. I thought that WVU would be better on the road and not lose by 25. Jarrett Doege is maybe not the answer at quarterback and I also don’t know if Greene is really an answer either. Generally speaking, WVU has played much better than this and a week off will probably do them some good to self-scout why they’re losing. I really think the offense needs to be better.


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