Texas Tech Football Notebook: Coaches Discuss TCU

On to another week.

Good morning again! No time for non-transcripts, but these are summaries. Quite interesting to see Sonny get emotional discussing Gary Patterson.

Head Coach Matt Wells:

  • If you make a mistake, he’s gone and can hit a home run (thinking he’s talking about the running back, Zach Evans).
  • Game is about the payers and certainly he was part of that offense for 7 years and they won’t completely change. There are similar things between ours and theirs. Comes down to guys making plays.
  • TCU defensive scheme is strong, strong against the run and pass and do a good job of pattern reading. Always have good players. The corners and edge defenders good.
  • Colombi sees more patience in the pocket and let routes develop and his accuracy has improved a little bit.
  • Future NFL back in Bijan Robinson and those guys have had a lot of injuries, the defense strength is in the players and scheme.
  • College football is a week-to-week deal and get to come home. Get to prepare and practice with same determination and urgency and wearing throwback uniforms and fans wearing black. Our success is helped by the fans and they helped us win the SFA game and had that red zone stand and that got us to the next week. Important to defend the Jones and create the magic and players can help fans create it. Hope the fans will come out. Coolio is coming to town and some of us like the guy.
  • Kind of a personal deal regarding penalties. Focused on reducing pre-snap penalties as it points to discipline and eliminating post-snap penalties. The penalties you can live with during a play you address those and can live with some of those. Helps your chances of winning, but reflects on a mentally tough program.
  • It is personal for a lot of fans and an in-state rivalry and guys have played against each other. All intertwined when you play programs from Texas. Goal is to go undefeated at home. Every single game and weekend is very competitive and important.
  • The rushing attack is #6 and #15, Zach Evans is elite, speed, and elusive. Have already talked about Max Duggan and can hit a home run. Pose a threat on defense.
  • Chadarius Townsend is out for the year. Kaylon Geiger will return kickoffs.
  • All others (not out for year) are day-to-day.
  • Jerand Bradley, Trey Cleveland, Loic Fouonji all played a huge role, they can play better, block better and route running, but the easiest thing is if they caught the ball. The moment was not too big for them, when the plays were there, Loic’s play in the 4th quarter, JB had a big catch in the 2nd series. The moment was not too big and caught the ball well.
  • Kaylon Geiger, it was hard to know about his work ethic and personality, but we knew about what he did on the field. What respect about KG, he blocks and the routes and is equally as happy when others catch balls. He’s really mature and a very good practice player.
  • Putting the best offensive linemen on the field and moving Burger at center and Carde to guard. We always have a lot of guys play center.
  • Henry Teeter has move himself into that #3 tight end spot, kickoff return, field goal protection, very reliable blocker, smart, tough and sure-handed. Very smart and practices hard and great teammate.
  • My guess for the key was playing off of each other and on defense, just the guys doing it and using the momentum to our advantage.
  • The big thing is that this is round 3, important to play well in front of our fans and a very good TCU team who is hunry and motivated and talented. Beat us the last 2 years. Program that we respect.
  • Colombi is coachable and maybe fits this system better. Played well in the spring and played well in training camp. Doesn’t surprise me, he’s smart and courageous and has confidence in himself. It exudes confidence in those other 10 guys.
  • SaRoderick Thompson is a really good back and getting back in shape and doing a good job of being an every down back.

Defensive Coordinator Keith Patterson:

  • Evans and Duggan if you allow them to establish the run, they both have good speed, that’s where it begins and they have excellent skill at wide receiver, make sure keep everything inside and not allow them to run the ball.
  • Duggan runs a 4.3 he’s fast and big, 6-2/214, he can run and has great respect for him competing against him the past 2 years, he’s a great player.
  • It didn’t surprise me, a week ago everyone knew that they didn’t perform and have talked to them all week long to show people what they are made of. Got loose in the 3rd quarter, gave up a double-cut and a 3rd and 10. Can’t give our kids enough credit, first 3 series, only 9 plays and shows what you can do when you can do these plays, has something to do with how we started and finished.
  • Have tried to learn from, if you don’t prepare, try to not our highs get too high or lows too low. Have to hit the restart button each week.
  • What people don’t understand about that, if you lose DeMarcus Fields, he’s dual training at cornerback and safety, really impacts, had Nate Floyd and Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, reduces coverage options, but didn’t want to give up anything cheap and wanted to tighten up on them, but didn’t think I could.
  • Nate Floyd, playing behind 2 other guys, it is a next man up, may not get the physical reps, if you are not going. I love what I saw from him today, he’s going to get better. The thing about this is that you create depth, look at is a positive and an opportunity to create depth.
  • Floyd was strictly emergency at that safety, days he would go corner or safety, it sure turned out to be good and eye-opening.
  • He walks in the building and looks like Tony Hawk and has skater shoes on, the visual doesn’t match up with production. He’s so naturally instinctive, he played in a different position than all year long, pushed Krison Merriweather and Riko Jeffers inside. He’s just a football natural, he had not run those pressers or stunts and makes the play and it was amazing.
  • Assessment from Texas game was playing too many people and the communication. Riko, he’s a coach and if he’s off the field and the communication is not the same and it turned into a meltdown, this is a performance based business, streamlined who was on the field but can’t play everybody. Those guys had 25 tackles between the 2 of them.
  • I always pick Sonny’s brain and we work across the hall, would be crazy not to talk to the guy. I ask him what teams are doing there. This week isn’t any different for me, try not to bother him too much.
  • Jaylon Hutchings got off the ball and went by the center and how fast he got to the quarterback. He did a nice job executing and stunted to the backside A gap and smoked him.
  • It depends on the guys you have and their ability and what they are facing. Try to match it up the best you can and see who is available this week. Just have to look at it and it is a next man up mentality and won’t lower our standards as to whether or not they’ve been playing.

Offensive Coordinator Sonny Cumbie:

  • I know a lot of the guys really well, on the defense they are playing newer guys, Patterson will have them ready to go and they will be prepared really well. It is preparation and ability to break people down is second to none, have learned a lot from them, it will be pull up your pants and tighten your belt as it will be a long day.
  • Always weird, that’s not the right word, it is challenging a bit, but my job is to prepare, Henry, Donovan, Behren, Maverick and try to win another football game.
  • Colombi was very calm and doesn’t get too high or low, the crowd was out of it and he made it simple, the RPO stuff, the guy was open, will need to stay level-headed and stay the course.
  • All getting comfortable with Kaylon, he’s a competitor and he understands consistency and he has had a long road to get to this point.
  • Geiger comparison, Nehemiah Glover was more built together, he doesn’t talk as fast as Nehemiah.
  • SaRodorick is getting his legs under him and getting back into the game shape.
  • I used to remember all the students wearing black and our play lent to a rowdy crowd, try to create that Raider Riot crowd, when you black out it’s the black hole. It is a huge game and would love for the students to turn out, the kids and the team feeds off of that energy.
  • /gets emotional/ it was good, part of my maturation as a coach I owe a lot of my lessons from him, very appreciative of coach Patterson, he took a chance on me love him as a Coach and he’s been very good to me and my family.
  • Donovan Smith, Henry understands why and is excited about it, he realized Donovan is 235 pounds, that’s a big environment, that’s a big place to play and one tackle away from an explosive run.
  • With Loic Fouonji it’s been huge, he’s been doing that and making plays and consistent with his hands, that’s his biggest thing is catching the ball, in arguably the biggest moment, the one time they come up and play man, he runs by the guy and speaks to his ability for him to step up. None of our players blinked, it was full steam ahead, Loic being one of them.
  • Their speed and his mind for defense and ability to match strengths and weaknesses, that’s the thing he does a good job of and he plays fast.

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