Texas Tech Football Notebook: Thoughts on a Weekend Not Watching Sports

Sort of a summary.

Not one second. Not even a highlight.

This past weekend I traveled to Kent, Washington to visit my brother and his wife and my new niece. During the summer, my brother, TJ, and I decided that we’d have our very own “run-cation” which is a way for me to go run in places and visit my brother all at the same time.

So I spent the weekend running a lot. On Friday, my brother and I traveled to Mt. Saint Helens where we found a 12 mile trail (we didn’t really find it, we researched it quite a bit) that we ran in about 3:45 or so, taking breaks to eat, take photos, and just talk. There were plenty of people who were hiking up halfway and then camping out, but we actually got to see the whole thing in much less time. I know that being outdoors isn’t about getting it over and done with, but TJ has an 11-month old to get back to. So we make the best of the situation.

On the way home, we found some burger joint where we ate outside with the sun setting in the mountains.

On Saturday, we stayed closer to Kent, running up to Squak Mountain (that’s not misspelled) for a shade under 7 miles, a nice run up, and then we basically ran 9 minute miles on the way down. For the record, everyone thinks that running downhill is easy and it’s not. It absolutely destroys your quads. It’s fun and you just pray that you don’t trip and lose 3 or 4 teeth.

After grabbing some lunch, we went for a very mild 20-mile bike ride. You’re probably thinking that this sounds incredibly difficult, but it was really fine. The ride was almost entirely flat except for the first half mile, where we go down 250 feet or go up 250 feet on the way back.

That was two hard days and hard things are fun. You know you are alive for sure. My legs definitely know that they are alive.

So yes, I didn’t watch one second of Texas Tech football. Not even highlights (or lowlights). As a result, I offer zero insight into what happened on Saturday against Texas. Maybe that’s a good thing.

We tend to have these same discussions each year and there’s not much of anything new that I can really add. There’s the group that thinks that head coach Matt Wells should be fired and then there is the group that thinks that is okay with giving him more time. At some point, the resume speaks for itself and you and I, despite whatever we think will happen.

I’m not going to write one of those articles about how I’m demanding change. Or that I’ve had it up to here / motions towards my head / with what’s happening.

I realized a long time ago that I’m not a decision maker. Despite my presence online, I move the needed zero degrees in any way shape or form. I realize my place. Comments on Twitter? Also moves the needle zero degrees in any way shape or form. Writing a letter to the UIL (this is a joke and a throwback to a radio segment on The Ticket where there was a bad call by a ref and a radio announcer said he was going to write a letter to the UIL because the call is so bad) or maybe to Kirby Hocutt. The people who make decisions are not people who I hang out with. Again, I’m not sure I make a difference.

I more or less realize that I’m along for the ride when it comes to coaching decisions. So there’s not going to be any sort of “It’s Time to Fire Matt Wells” post because it’s simply not productive for me other than it might be cathartic, but I don’t need to write something in order for me to have some peace.

My biggest hope with this current situation is that Saturday was the worst game of the year and that the team will rebound. A couple of weeks before, Texas fans were thinking that their team was terrible in a loss to Arkansas. You just sort of hope that this was Texas Tech’s stinker and we won’t really know whether or not that’s the case until we can look back at the season. For me, there’s definitely no upside to writing about a terrible team, the only upside are clicks if there’s a coaching move, but since I don’t make money off of clicks, those clicks don’t matter. For other websites, clicks definitely matter and that’s more typical than not. That’s not a judgment.

There’s not doubt that I get the frustration. I think most fans are frustrated. I’m hoping that Texas Tech wins out because wins are much more fun than not. Texas Tech won’t have an easy go at it in Morgantown and we sort of all know that. Winning on the road in the Big 12 isn’t easy, so Texas Tech will need to game-plan the heck out of this game and hope the defense plays better because the defense needs to play better.


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