Texas Tech Football Notebook: Coordinators Discuss Adversity

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The two coordinators were made available for the media and this is a summary more than a non-transcript.

Defensive Coordinator Keith Patterson:

Pearson hasn’t played football since 2019, a lot of that happens in the first game, the good news is that it is all correctable. Busted assignment on the third touchdown. Made the right check, but didn’t play the right check.

Things don’t go as planned, a great look at adversity is Luke Siegel’s funeral, you have to manage the things that don’t go as planned. It was 21-7 and they didn’t bat an eye. Had to elevate the focus and intensify the fight. I would have scripted that game exactly the way that it went, I was very proud of how we responded. We were ready, that’s what’s beautiful about kids carrying out what you’ve planned.

We have a blueprint, I changed when I coached with Gus Malzahn, we had to change the way we measure success: 1) TFL and quarterback sacks; 2) Five 3 and outs; 3) getting off the field 70% of the time; and 4) 3 or more takeaways; 5) explosive plays, limit to less than 5 yards per play.

Gibson is good, good defensive ends, their wide receivers, Gibson and #11. We’re game-planning for SFA, but we’re trying to get better. It’s not even the same analogy with HBU, so many things leading up to that game. Nothing to do with this group of kids, there’s good players in every league, so they are another opponent.

There is a calmness, we tell them to trust their training, they have to have a great believe in yourself, your teammate, and your training (with Dave Scholz). Our kids were prepared, didn’t phase them, speaks volumes about the whole unit.

Offensive Coordinator Sonny Cumbie:

I was really proud with how they responded, especially with how the first quarter ended. A ton of effort, our goal is to make most of our possessions when we do have the ball. There was a lull in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. Good demeanor with the offense.

I thought Tyler did, very accurate and got the ball out of his hands, could have done a better job of getting the ball out of his hands, there are things to correct, but it was a good first start.

Very physical and guys are up front, their older players are very good, and had some guys transferred from Baylor, they give you multiple looks in terms of blitzes, they will give us a great challenge, have great respect for Coach Carthel. They recruit well and turning over every rock to find players.

A lot of Brooks development is with Scholz, as they train them to be football players. Part of it is natural ability and his position coach.

I came down from the press box and told Tyler to throw it to Erik more often. Where they work together on their own, it works on Saturday, but they put a lot of time together off the field. The trainers, Kruger, Scholz, are on the cutting edge of getting players back and the kid’s dedication to coming back.

It will be fun to be back home at the jones. I want to give them something to be very excited about.

Each week, the goals stay the same. Explosive plays, 3rd down percentage, red zone scoring (touchdowns), and protecting the football. Need to eliminate negative plays, the drives where we saw negative plays like penalties, it’s tough.

They were probably a B-, they were very physical in the run game, I am proud of them for the running game, but being able to run the ball and create space, but need to pass protect better, they did better with line movement.

I think part of it, I have to put them in a position to be better, technique wise they have to be better, but need to get them to do that on a consistent basis, but I can put them in better positions.

Well, wait a day and conference realignment is very much on the way. BYU, Cincinnati, Central Florida, and Houston have all made application to the Big 12 and now the presidents will vote on Friday. I am sure they were given a wink and a nod that if they did apply, they’d be given the green light to get in.

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