Texas Tech Football Notebook: Matt Wells Talks SFA

A summary, at best.

Rather than do a non-transcript, I just tried to take notes. Time is of the essence and I have so little of it.

Congrats to Riko Jeffers and Reggie Pearson for their conference honors.

Had good meetings on how to improve on all 3 phases before Saturday night. Respect for Colby Carthel, from Friona and the entire town will be here, won a championship, they play hard. Trey Self, returner at cornerback, Devin Drew and Krison Merriweather played against him. Throws a good deep ball. They are ginormous on the front line. Know your opponent, their strengths and self-improvement.

Home opener, protecting the Jones, hopefully we can pack the Jones. Get this thing back to what it used to be, passionate about the Red Raiders, we know we have a piece in that as well.

Jackson Knotts, long-snapper, has done a nice job, very accurate. He can run and has athleticism and can cover a punt. Potential weapon there, because someone else isn’t getting doubled.

Pearson plays within the defense, he does a little bit of everything.

I think that’s an area of improvement, communication. We didn’t communicate on a couple of them, there were not any adjustments, just executed a lot better.

Offensive line has to play better ,technique stuff. One guy doesn’t do well, makes the whole line look bad. Always an option to move guys around, but don’t see us doing that.

Hard to predict what they are going to do. Houston just did what they did, that’s who SFA does, I don’t know what they’ll do out of the gate and focus on starting fast.

I think we did spread it out, but only snapped the ball 52 times, need to play 85 snaps to spread it out to everyone, really played offense for 3 quarters.

Tahj Brooks has been consistent, comes to work every day, has become more explosive. Coach Smith has challenged him, to hit more home runs. Tahj is a consistent performer. Reflection of his practice habits.

Hopefully that’s who we are, we made it a big deal to win the trenches, the second half we ran when we needed to, and hold Houston to 2.2 yards per rush, that’s a good game.

Just like I said, the demeanor was great on the sidelines and locker room, but there was a sense of urgency. I was proud of those guys.

Merriweather, Schooler, Riko, Morgenstern, Pierre, Bouyer-Randle, the Schooler TFL was a key play, that’s the strength of our defense.

They are completely different than Houston Baptist, schematics, completely different.

Had one spring with Da’Leon Ward, he had limited carries in the game.

Brandon’s length and athleticism, gives him advantages. He’s long armed because he’s athletic and long. he causes quarterbacks to elevate throws in zone, that’s a recipe for interceptions. Zone drops can make it difficult for a quarterback.

SFA’s biggest weapon, has 2 good receivers, Gipson is legit, elite returner.

Looking forward to that, they are talking about it, especially when you consider the transfers the last 2 years, hopefully Red Raider nation comes out to support these guys, these new players are looking forward to that crowd.

I think they have at least half a dozen transfers plus junior college transfers. The transfer portal is going to improve the team. You just can’t miss on transfer guys, and so far those at Texas Tech have fit that bill.

I’m proud of a lot of the guys who have stuck around, Riko, Demarcus, Adrian, so proud of Demarcus, Weston Wright, Deaton, Erik Ezukanma, they take care of business off the field and been valuable in the locker room.

Shough has been consistence and daily improvement and new plays. Consistency in work ethic and habits and see not reason why he won’t do that.

Kirby does make the schedule and you play it, a regional game is good, they have our full attention. Carthel has turned around that program, 5 or 6 near upsets, SFA has our full attention and will get our best shot on Saturday night.

Shough and Cumbie work well together, good relationship, it is daily and communication. Tyler respects Sonny as he’s the same guy every day and holding him accountable and coaching him hard, we coach the starters the hardest, Sonny does the same thing and the consistency has gained Tyler’s respect.

There weren’t a huge number of takeaways, no injury update other than what was updated on Monday with Matt Wells stating that running back SaRodorick Thompson was cleared for full contact.


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