Texas Tech Football Notebook: Pearson & Jeffers Earn Big 12 Weekly Awards

2 of 3 isn’t bad at all.

Here are the post-game grades. I’m a bit surprised that there weren’t more votes, but maybe with no game day thread, there were less people around. Not sure. Regardless, this still works best for me personally as I’m going to have soccer and band and all sorts of things coming up on weekends. I do think you all were fair in your grades

You can click on the actual link for a full size view of the grades and distributions.

Congrats to Reggie Pearson, Jr. and Riko Jeffers for winning two of the conference awards yesterday, Pearson winning the Newcomer of the Week and Jeffers winning the Defensive Player of the Week.

If you love pictures, make sure and check out these photos. Some really great shots, from pre-game with Patrick Mahomes meeting with the team, to after the game and the celebration, as well as everywhere in-between.

According to yahoo’s Pete Thamel, the Big 12 will vote to add add BYU, UCF, Cincinnati, and Houston on Friday, but the Big 12 will stay together until 2023 (again, this is probably tentative as I am sure Texas and Oklahoma are hoping that things fall apart so that they owe no money):

Sources: Big 12 presidents held a meeting on Monday. No votes took place, as it was more an informational meeting to go over the impending applications of UCF, Cincinnati, BYU and Houston to join the league. 1/3

Applications are expected to come in within the next 48 hours. A formal vote is being planned for later this week, likely on Friday. All systems still appear on track. “We’re heading toward adding four teams in the next short period of time.”

The tentative projection remains that the four teams come in for the 2023 season. That means two more Big 12 seasons at 10 teams and two at 14 before OU/UT planned departure after ’24 . The league could still consider another round of expansion prior to the new television deal.

My thought is that they don’t wait until that point, and that the Big 12 is probably hoping that UT & OU pay early so that they can then pay the exit fees for UCF, Cincinnati, and Houston.

Sit back and enjoy. Stay until the end to get a look at the locker room after the game.


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