Taking a Shot at the Three Deep: Receivers and Tight Ends

How good is this group?

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X Receiver H Receiver Y Receiver Z Receiver Tight End
Erik Ezukanma Myles Price McLane Mannix Loic Fouonji Travis Koontz
6-3/220 | JR 5-10/175 | SO 5-10/190 | SR 6-4/205 | SO 6-5/255 | SR
J.J. Sparkman Dalton Rigdon Kaylon Geiger Trey Cleveland John Holcomb
6-4/215 | RS FR 5-11/170 | SR 5-10/170 | SR 6-4/190 | SO 6-5/220 | SO
Cameron Cantrell Sterling Galban Nehemiah Martinez Jerand Bradley Mason Tharp
6-1/195 | SO 5-11/175 | JR 5-9/185 | FR 6-5/210 | FR 6-8/230 | FR

Some thoughts:

  • Last year there was no Y-receiver, so that’s absolutely made up on my part. It’s not as if there isn’t a Y-receiver position, it just also the tight end position, but the thought remains that if Texas Tech will employ more 10 personnel, then there’s a decent chance there will be at least 2 inside receivers, neither who are tight ends. Thus, the Y-receiver is really a guess at best.
  • I think the X-receiver spot is pretty well set with Ezukanma starting and I also tend to think that back-ups are probably dependent upon who is performing the best. I’ve gone with Sparkman as the back-up, but I generally see Ezukanma being the lead-guy and Sparkman, Fouonji, and Cleveland all being right behind Ezukanma.
  • I think that Price was the best inside receiver last year, even as a true freshman, but he was really the only healthy inside receiver last year with Rigdon, Galban, and Mannix all suffering some sort of injury last year.
  • New inside receiver Geiger is going to be right in the mix as far as I’m concerned and makes me thing that there will be more two-inside receiver sets than last year. Martinez is a transfer from Air Force.
  • Tight end is pretty well set as well I think, with Koontz the likely starter, Holcomb passing him up if he can figure out how to catch, and Tharp is the guy that I think has a tremendous amount of talent that the coaching staff absolutely gushes over.
  • The biggest question with this group is how good they are outside of Ezukanma and Price. I think those two are really good. Fouonji flashed, as did Sparkman, but there were a ton of injuries last year and my hope is that this group comes out gang-busters ready to prove something.

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