Weekend Open Thread

Whatcha doin?

You made it to the weekend. If you live in Texas, hopefully that cool front reached you and you enjoy the cool morning that awaits today and tomorrow.

If we’re looking for weekend news to discuss, CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd writes that the Big 12 is torn between 12 games and 10 games.

The Big 12’s athletic directors were split Friday while meeting to recommend which scheduling model the conference should use in a 2020 season that remains in flux amid the coronavirus pandemic. The conference is currently considering two primary options: a complete 12-game season or a 10-game schedule including one nonconference opponent, several league sources tell CBS Sports.

In the 12-game model, the Big 12 would play its nine league opponents in its traditional round-robin format along with three nonconference opponents. In the 10-game model, it is believed the Big 12 would play its conference schedule along with one nonconference game that would take place before the league slate begins, likely on Sept. 19 or Sept. 26.

It is not a surprise that the Big 12 is divided and that they can’t come to a decision. The smart thing is to reduce to 10 games and give yourself flexibility, but what the hell do I know.

Is this the weekend we get a commit? Football or basketball?


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