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The Morning Stake | 2020.07.31

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LOL. Remember when I thought that the ACC had played their ace? Well, the SEC just sort of said, “I see you ACC and I’m gonna tell you to go fly a kite”. The SEC announced that they were only going to play a 10 game conference schedule and there would be no +1 game like the ACC announced yesterday. So, all of the potential rivalry games between the SEC and ACC are basically cancelled because the SEC said we don’t care about your feelings.

Not only that, but the SEC will not start games until September 26th and be very flexible:

The SEC made the changes to allow for “maximum flexibility in making any necessary scheduling adjustments while reacting to the developments around the pandemic and continued advice from medical experts,” the conference’s announcement said. The shift to late September will allow schools to reintegrate their entire student bodies on campus amid the new challenges presented by the pandemic, according to commissioner Greg Sankey.

This ESPN article goes on to note that the Big 12 is set to meet on Monday and depending on how things go, I could see two different scenarios.

1. The Big 12, with only 10 members, thus only 9 games, need a 10th game and they could permit schools to find that other opponent. The difference is that the quality of that opponent could vary wildly.

2. The Big 12 could add an opponent like BYU and make them a defacto member for 2020 so that every Big 12 team plays the same schedule. The ACC has essentially done this with Notre Dame, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work now.

I’m voting for this option because it makes absolute sense, but can guess that this will not be the option chosen.

Texas Tech announced their newest Hall of Fame Class and this is a pretty special class in that it includes Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree:

Texas Tech will induct the likes of Michael Crabtree, Graham Harrell and Ronald Ross as part of its seven-member Hall of Fame class that was announced by the Double T Varsity Club on Thursday.

Crabtree and Harrell, possibly the top quarterback-receiver duo in school history, will be joined not only by Ross but by former discus national champion D’Andra Carter, golfer Brooke Lowrance, volleyball standout Chris Martin and All-American infielder Jason Totman as part of the 2020 class.

“This is arguably one of the best classes we’ve inducted into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame,” said Rodney Allison, executive director of the Double T Varsity Club. “You can look at each of these inductees and fairly say they were among the top players we’ve had in each of their respective sports. We look forward to formally inducting this class into the Hall of Fame and will hopefully be able to share those details later this fall.”

Bleacher Report has a mock draft and they have Jahmi’us Ramsey being selected at #29 by the Los Angeles Lakers:

The Lakers could look to Ramsey for bench scoring and shot-making. His strong frame and confident shooting were persuasive during games when he was on, though lapses in concentration, a tough shot selection and limited playmaking skills remain drawbacks.

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