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The Morning Stake | 2020.07.29

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Dallas Morning News’ Chuck Carlton writes about how the Big 12 is in a holding pattern, hoping to play 12 games, but they are keeping their options open. It sounds as if Bowlsby, who is going at the directing of the institutions, that they are staying flexible:

He declined to specify the fallback proposals for the conference beyond playing a full regular season.

“Not that I’m willing to talk about,” Bowlsby said. “That’s up to our board to deal with whenever they want to deal with. I’m sure we’ll talk about it on Monday’s call.”

Bowlsby did say that the conference has already game-planned schedules for the alternative models, including conference-only and plus-one. The switch would be fairly seamless at this point.

The Big 12 is also prepared for a season that would start in Week 0 in late August and could go to mid-December, depending on the date of the Big 12 championship game with plenty of flexibility for the COVID-19 stoppages and cancellations. But the conference has a model for a more compressed season as well.

The Big 12 is also not operating in a vacuum.

I get that this thing isn’t perfect and I can also appreciate that Bowlsby doesn’t want to detail their contingency plans. We’ve all see what happened with the Miami Marlins (players go to strip club and they’ve got something like 15 players testing positive for COVID-19 and MLB has had to reconfigure the schedule). The thing is that

Texas Tech Today’s Glenys Young writes about former Texas Tech all-American sprinter, Marine Corps officer, salesman and now fisherman, Ronnie Green:

“I’ll never forget, when I was in Eugene, Oregon, at the NCAA championships,” Green recalled, “I found a creek and then I found a fly-fishing rod from a friend. After I ran my preliminary race – I still had on my warm-up gear – I went over to that creek and did some fly-fishing. I kept an eye on my watch, and I made it back an hour before my next race to make sure I could warm up adequately. I smelled like fish, but that’s how much I love it.”

Corky Oglesby, the late track and field coach, said he’d been looking for Green and asked where he’d been.

“‘Oh, I was warming up, just getting ready for the day,'” Green recalled telling him. “So I had a secret fishing addiction that nobody knew about.”

I really enjoyed reading all of this. This is just a small part, but take the time to take this in today.

The Lady Raiders added a significant transfer yesterday, incoming junior Naje Murray (5’6″) from San Diego State will be eligible immediately and averaged 13.7 points, 4.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 1.9 steals last year as a sophomore. This is pretty significant and if Murray can shoot and score, that’s a pretty big deal. Welcome Naje!

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