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The Morning Stake | 2020.07.27

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I hope everyone had a good weekend. For those of you along the coast, I hope everything nothing was too bad and that everyone is well.

We are still on somewhat of a dry-spell for Texas Tech news, which is both good and bad. That means that we’re not talking about the Coronavirus or players having off-field/court issues, but it also means that we’re not talking about recruiting either. I did work on three separate posts for the week, including a basketball post scheduled for today, a preview of Iowa State, and the second part of the Derek Jones look at the defense.

We’ll continue to be busy as we hurry up and wait to figure out how sports will play out over the course of the fall. It was good to watch baseball and basketball is right around the corner. Although I do think that basketball has the better chance of succeeding because the bubble (as long as you don’t go to strip clubs) can almost ensure basketball so long as everyone plays by the rules.

Chris Beard was at the wedding for Justin and Rylee and provided Whataburger for everyone there. Beard is a man of his word. Truth teller.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s John Reecer has a big board of the top players headed into the NBA Draft and Jahmi’us Ramsey is 19th overall. I am including this because I like the idea of seeing what someone who played Texas Tech thinks of Ramsey:

Ramsey reminds me a lot of guys like Monta Ellis, JR Smith, and Kevin Porter Jr. from last year’s class. The freshman from Texas Tech has extremely impressive highlights along with a beautiful jump shot. He was a lights-out shooter from three-point land last year, but he isn’t fundamentally sound as a prospect. He is a bit hot-headed on offense, and he needs to be more locked in at the free-throw line.

Still, Ramsey is a really fun player in this class.

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