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The Morning Stake | 2020.07.07

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The Old Coach’s Tristan Larsen talked with Texas Tech commit wide receiver Jerand Bradley:

“What led to me committing was the family feel. I felt that Coach Wells did a great job in recruiting me and being the first to actually recruit me had a lot to do with my decision,” Bradley explained.

Rivals’ Corey Evans ranks Jonathan Kuminga’s options, including playing professionally and his college options. Evans still believes, as does everyone else, that playing professionally is his likely path. Here’s Evans on Texas Tech:

If there is one college program that can pull Kuminga away from the professional ranks, it is Texas Tech. The Red Raiders have continued to invest time and attention in Kuminga and also have a connection that no other program can match: the presence of his older brother, Joel Ntambwe. The two have been tied to the hip this offseason and having someone that has seen the everyday life of a Red Raiders’ student-athlete should only help their cause. Questions have already arisen surrounding Kuminga and his college eligibility in the fall, which is why the pro ranks might be even more intriguing at this point in time.

I did not know about grade issues, but that certainly is something that’s part of the equation in Kuminga making his decision.

The Oklahoman’s Jenni Carlson thinks that it is time for Sean Sutton to get another shot as a head coach. I had completely forgotten about Sean’s issues with prescription painkillers and going into rehab, but what I didn’t know what his issues he had with his father, who he loved dearly:

I started thinking about that as I watched Sean bare his soul in “EDDIE.” The doc is about Eddie Sutton, of course, but Sean becomes every bit as compelling as his father. Sean tells of growing up, dreaming of playing for his father but also holding out hope of playing at Kentucky. He never imagined that he’d have a chance to do both, which he ultimately did in the late ‘80s.

But he also tells of the times that his dad’s alcoholism was at its worst. Eddie Sutton went to rehab and got clean repeatedly over the years, sometimes for long stretches, but when he would fall off the wagon, he was not a very good husband to Patsy or father to Sean. Everyone in the family agreed in the documentary that Patsy and Sean got the brunt of Eddie’s meanness. It wasn’t physical. It was verbal.

Gosh, that’s such a hard thing to reconcile, for a son and an ailing father who recently passed away and was a mountain of a main and taking whatever verbal abuse that might be. Sean seems like an absolute genuine human being, seems to be smiling a lot, and I love that he is part of Chris Beard’s staff.

I may be the only person who is interested in the Pac-12, but it entertains me. The Oregonian’s John Canzano reports that the Pac-12 is considering buying out commissioner Larry Scott. I mention this because as you may recall, Bob Bowlsby was the athletic director at Stanford and if the Pac-12 wanted stability, Bowlsby would be a decent choice. I know that no one really likes the commissioner of the conference, but Bowlsby is fine. Not interested in expansion, but guess what? That means none of the members are interested. He does the conference’s bidding.

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