Patrick Mahomes to Get Paid Half a Billion Dollars

He was ours.

Earlier today, the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes agreed to a new contract extension in the neighborhood of 10 years and $503 million. Mahomes has two years left on his rookie deal, totaling $27.6 million, and then once that deal ends, he’ll receive $83 million signing bonus and then there are three guaranteed yearly salaries. NFL contracts are a bit funny, not fully guaranteed like baseball contracts, but this is a ridiculous deal and one where you marvel at how much Mahomes has done in such a short period of time.

Patrick Mahomes news allows me to reminisce how great Patrick was for Texas Tech and the mere joy of having him on the program was something to behold. It also allows us to go back and look at all of the awesome art that Brian did on Mahomes. It’s okay to revel a bit in knowing that Mahomes is the highest paid player in the NFL and hands-down the best football player in the world.


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