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The Morning Stake | 2020.06.25

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I put June 26th on yesterday’s Morning Stake and if you ever wanted to know if I am beat, a good indication is me using the wrong date. Hopefully I’m on track today.

Watch Stadium’s Jeff Goodman ranks the top transfer programs and Texas Tech comes in 2nd, behind Minnesota:

2) Texas Tech – This one is almost an annual ritual now. A couple of seasons ago, Matt Mooney and Tariq Owens helped get the Red Raiders to the national title game. Last season, it was TJ Holyfield and Chris Clarke who came in and made plays. Chris Beard will now add Georgetown transfer Mac McClung (15.7 ppg) and Wichita State’s Jamarius Burton (10.3 ppg) — who could wind up getting waivers. The Red Raiders also added a key grad transfer on the frontline in hard-playing VCU forward Marcus Santos-Silva (12.8 ppg, 8.9 rpg).

I don’t know that I would ever trade Texas Tech’s haul of Marcos Santos-Silva, Jamarius Burton, and Mac McClung with anyone in the nation.

Why am I linking the Golf Channel? Well, we talked earlier in the week about how a ring that could help detect the Coronavirus through heart rate and temperature, and this Golf Channel article discusses how a Whoop strap helped PGA player Nick Watney detect that he was positive for the coronavirus. This Whoop strap helps collect biological data, like sleep and in Watney’s case, it was increased respiratory rate while he was sleeping. I think these sorts of things could be incredibly helpful in catching if a player is going to get the coronavirus, and yes, you are giving someone your data, but this could also help us get sports back sooner.

Rivals’ Corey Evans writes about what’s going on with Jonathan Kuminga, stating that Evans would be shocked if Kuminga plays a minute of college basketball:

I would be rather shocked if Kuminga plays a minute of college basketball. Kuminga has not officially said it, but I believe he will make the move into the 2020 class and the G League is where he will spend his year between high school and the NBA beginning in the fall. There were overseas opportunities that Kuminga could have taken, but at this time staying domestic and competing alongside Jalen Green, Daishen Nix and a few others will likely be the route that he takes.

If there is one college that can potentially lure Kuminga in it is Texas Tech. The Red Raiders have invested the most time recruiting him in recent weeks and they have a strong in-road thanks to his brother, Joel Ntambwe, being a member of the program.

Rivals’ Eric Bossi writes about upcoming impact transfers and your guy Joe Ntambwe makes the list:

What to watch: Ntambwe’s name gets mentioned a lot because he’s the older brother of 2021’s top-ranked player, Jonathan Kuminga. But, don’t let that diminish the type of impact player that he could be for Chris Beard and the Red Raiders. He’s got good size, is a versatile athlete, rebounds the ball and because he’s a legitimate threat beyond the three-point line, defending him can be tricky. He also has the ability to draw opposing bigs from the rim, which opens driving lanes for teammates.

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