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The Morning Stake | 2020.06.22

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I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. I always leave Father’s Day being more tired than when I arrived, but that’s sort of the point isn’t it? Summerween was also a hit, at least we had fun as a family. A bit of swimming, popsicles, and just hanging out as a family.

Elite 11 is a national high school quarterback competition that eventually results in a winner. I think that a group of finalists are announced and that group then ends up going to Nike’s campus in Oregon to compete to be determined the winner. Prior to that, I believe there are numerous Elite 11 quarterback competitions that are held, sort of like regionals to where you end up getting the final group of quarterbacks that eventually travel to Oregon.

Texas Tech 2021 commit Behren Morton from Eastland made the final cut along with 19 other quarterbacks. This happened on Friday afternoon, and the day before that, Morton’s rating with 24/7 Sports jumped significantly, from 191 to 104. Morton didn’t get any better in a day, but the timing of it all is suspect, i.e. it seems like 24/7 Sports found out that Morton was a finalist and then bumped his rating significantly. I know this goes on, but to have a rating jump because of these external factors seems like they’re just doing it because of that, which is fine on a level and maybe the 24/7 Sports folks simply believe that if the Elite 11 people have determined he’s a top 20 quarterback, then we should given him a bump in the ratings.

Other Big 12 quarterbacks on the Elite 11 list are Baylor commit Kyron Drones from Shadow Creek and there are a couple of uncommitted quarterbacks from Texas that could also end up choosing a Big 12 institution.

Rivals’ Corey Evans writes about who won the transfer wars this offseason and there is only one clear winner, your Texas Tech Red Raiders and Chris Beard:

Questions remain whether the Red Raiders’ traditional transfers will push for waivers. though it is likely that their biggest offseason win, Georgetown transfer Mac McClung, will hope to see the floor right away. McClung has been a bit averse to defending, but that will not fly in Lubbock. If Beard can help him add some defensive prowess to his offensive upside, McClung’s pro hopes should improve. VCU transfer Marcus Santos-Silva will be immediately eligible, and while he is not the long-armed shot blocker to which Texas Tech has become accustomed, he is arguably one of the most skilled back-to-the-rim big men Beard has ever had. Throw in Jamarius Burton (Wichita State), who fits the Red Raiders’ culture to a tee, and what you have is one of the biggest winners of the transfer portal this spring.

The Mercury News’ Jon Wilner writes about how the NBA is handing out these smart rings made by Oura that can predict the onset of COVID-19 with a 90 percent accuracy because it takes into account your heart rate and body temperature. Wilner supposes that the rings cost $300 and for an entire Pac-12 athletic department, it would be about $300,000 per university. Imagine being able to get ahead of when something might hit, isolating so that it doesn’t become a problem for the entire team.

Avalanche-Journal’s Carlos Silva, Jr. writes about how former Red Raider basketballer Brandone Francis tested positive for COVID-19 and dealing with the self-quarantine aspect. Francis appears to be fine, asymptomatic, and he is concerned that people might think that he’s a coronavirus monster because he had it. I haven’t heard that before, you know, like when you have the flu, you don’t want to share a cup with someone, but afterwards, it’s not a big deal. Anyway, Francis appears to be fine so that’s great news.

I’m not sure how the rumor started, but it was thought that Jonathan Kuminga was going to announce his college and/or professional decision today. 24/7 Sports’ Evan Daniels talked with Kuminga, who said that he’s not in a rush to make a decision:

“We are still trying to go through everything,” Ntambwe said. “We really don’t know and haven’t really made up our mind.”

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