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The Morning Stake | 2020.06.12

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Texas Tech announced various protocols for student-athletes to return to campus. The thing that I don’t understand is that this says that student-athletes are tested on a voluntary basis. So if one person doesn’t want to be tested and they have the COVID-19 then that gets spread to everyone. And maybe this is a situation where it has to be voluntary?I don’t know. The article states that nearly 100 student-athletes have agreed to be tested and all of the staff are required to be tested.

Students will have daily screening procedures, but I think I’d still like a baseline of who has COVID-19 and who does not. I know that Houston is not testing at all, which I guess is a situation of “the less you know”.

This Wichita Eagle’s Kellis Robinett details how every player for Kansas State was required to be tested:

Getting tested for the coronavirus was the first step for every K-State football player as they work toward building off their first season under Chris Klieman while they are on campus this summer.

So far, the Wildcats haven’t reported encountering any issues. On Thursday, the school announced that 90 of its football players underwent testing for the coronavirus and all of those results came back negative.

That is good news for K-State players, who began receiving their test results Wednesday. Everyone who tested negative was expected to then undergo a routine physical exam. In-person team meetings should begin for them soon after. Workouts will begin Monday, with the team expected to lift and run in smaller groups than usual.

Again, not sure how to read this and maybe this concern is all for nothing if every player is going to voluntarily get tested.

Congrats to Clayton Beeter and Bryce Bonnin. Beeter was drafted in the 2nd round by the Los Angeles Dodgers and Bonnin was drafted in the 3rd round by the Cincinnati Reds. As noted by Dinger Derby, one of Texas Tech’s draft picks was also picked, pitcher Marco Raya, in the 4th round by the Minnesota Twins. Since the MLB Draft is just 5 rounds, my guess is that Maya will sign with the Twins.

The Sporting News ranked all 130 head coaches and they have Matt Wells ranked 63, which is apparently 9th in the Big 12. It’s the offseason and Texas Tech and Wells have a lot to prove.

CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone has his mock draft and has Jahmi’us Ramsey picked 19th by the Milwaukee Bucks:

Jahmi’us Ramsey is a gifted shooter. And on a Milwaukee team and system whose success is predicated on spacing the floor with shooters around Giannis, he’d be a great fit. As a freshman at Texas Tech he rated in the 91st percentile as a catch and shoot scorer in the halfcourt and should be an equally lethal weapon in that area in the NBA.

Remember, I don’t think Ramsey has to make a decision until some time in August.

The latest episode of Typical Tech has defensive end Eli Howard and volunteer assistant baseball coach Eric Gutierrez.

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