Jonathan Kuminga and the MLB Draft | 23 Personnel – 150




  • Ncaa approved relief for 2020-2021 Academic Year
    • 35-man roster cap lifted; no limitation
    • Annual counter increased from 27 to 32
    • 25% scholarship minimum eliminated for 1 year
  • MLB Update
  • First round of the MLB Draft tonight (6pm CT, ESPN/MLB Network)
    • Schedule negotiations have been a beating to follow
    • Latest proposal (from the MLBPA): 89-game season, full prorated salary; expanded playoffs
    • Pieces of proposals likely to be approved: 
      • Extensive health and safety protocols for players and team personnel
      • Larger rosters (potentially 30-man active rosters and a 20-player taxi squad)
      • Universal DH
      • Regional schedule to reduce travel (ex: teams in the AL East would only play each other and teams in the NL East)
      • Expanded playoffs (possibly with 14 total teams in the postseason)
  • Little League update? – Game 1 June 15th!



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