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The Morning Stake | 2020.05.28

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Anything interesting happen yesterday? Seemed like a quiet day.

CBS Sports’ Ben Kercheval talked with Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said that he’s going to expect some sort of disruption is expected this year in the Big 12. I haven’t been a huge fan of what Bowlsby has had to say, nothing necessarily negative from my point of view, but this is sort of unprecedented so I get that you’re not going to know what to say each and every time. In any event, I did like how he said that he’s not going to try to make any proclomations regarding how the season will happen:

“We aren’t going to have the benefit of making lots of plans well in advance,” Bowlsby said. “We’re trying to get back to campus and workouts and some semblance of normalcy. Beyond that, we have a 12-game schedule. We start on Labor Day weekend and we’ll have to play it by ear. We don’t want to put anybody at risk from a health standpoint. We need to go through this and recognize that we’re dealing with mostly young, healthy athletes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be transmitting the disease.

“We’re going to have some difficulties during the course of the year, and I fully expect we’ll have some disruptions. We are going to do everything we can to minimize the likelihood of those things happening and to optimize the disinfectant process that we have in our weight rooms, locker rooms and training rooms. And we’ll practice good social distancing,” Bowlsby continued. “It will be somewhat unique to individual institutions. This has always been managed by governors and public health officials and, to some extent, mayors. Soon it will be in the hands of university presidents and chancellors and then athletic directors.”

I like this tone. We don’t know what will happen and we’re just going to have to deal with things as they happen.

I have not had time to listen to this (maybe over the weekend), but former Red Raider baseballer Dallas Braden had Texas Tech head coach Tim Tadlock on his podcast, Starting 9.

CBS Sports’ David Cobb has his ranking of college basketball transfers and what happens if a team nabs the #2, #7, and #9 transfers in the transfer market? The #2 transfer was Marcus Santos-Silva, #7 is Mac McClung, and #9 is Jamarius Burton. Here’s the blurb on Santos-Silva:

He’s undersized at 6-7. But Santos-Silva still managed to block 1.3 shots per game while leading VCU in scoring as an absolute workhorse down low last season. After declaring for the draft in early April, he announced his plan to transfer instead and is headed to Texas Tech. Though he’s not a threat from the outside, Santos-Silva averaged 12.8 points and 8.9 rebounds per game in the Atlantic 10. If he can graduate this summer, he’ll be an immediate starter for a Red Raiders team looking to return to the Final Four glory it experienced in 2019.

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