Memorial Day Open Thread

I’m sort of tapping out this morning, although I am working on some things. A few weeks ago I decided to build my boys a fort (really it is just a platform). It has taken a few weeks to accomplish, from digging holes and pouring concrete one weekend to building it out on Saturday and Sunday. I should also mention that I’ve never built anything in my life, so it was relatively ridiculous for me to want to build something like this. I could have started with something much more simple.

Additionally, I’ve been wanting to build some washer pits with some leftover lumber and crushed granite, so I did that as well before the rain arrived yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, both Saturday and Sunday I sort of wore myself out and sitting still hasn’t been in my vocabulary recently.

That’s why I’m tapping out today.

I wish you all a safe and healthy Memorial Day.


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