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The Morning Stake | 2020.05.22

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Podcasts. Check out your guys, Spencer and Michael, on 23 Personnel Podcast, a Texas Tech athletics podcast where food and sports clash at the goal line, as well as Keith Patrick and Dinger Derby, the only, yes only, podcast about Texas Tech baseball.

D1 Baseball’s Kendall Rogers writes about how a panel of five power-five coaches who are proposing some new timeframes in order to fix the financial loss that baseball operates.

These recommendations to move the season back and provide a more stable long-term financial outlook for college baseball won’t have unanimous support. Bakich said that while most of the coaches he has come in contact with about the proposal are in favor, there are certainly a minority that are detractors.

That’s just natural.

The most important things to remember about this proposal is that it shifts the season back. The season would start the third weekend of March, and the College World Series would begin the third weekend of July. Currently, programs have five weeks of ramp up time before the season begins. Under this proposal, there would be nine weeks of ramp up time leading up to Opening Day. That’s just the tip of the iceberg to this proposal.

The proposal is broken up into three distinct parts — Financial Sustainability, Academics and Student-Athlete Welfare. Clearly, the most detailed aspect of the proposal focuses on financial sustainability for every program, but there also are some academic and student welfare aspects to consider.

Basically the season would start in the middle of March and the College World Series would be at the end of July. As an example, the baseball season currently starts in the middle of February and the College World Series was set for the end of June. So things would essentially be pushed forward a month with the thought that some of the northern teams would have an extra month for things to warm up and play in better weather.

Current 2021 commit Jonathan Kuminga is set to announce his top 5 this evening and Texas Tech is expected to make that top 5 list.

In My Own Words with Jaylon Hutchings writes about his journey as a junior in high school where he tore his ACL and eventual arrival at Texas Tech:

Now, she’s always at my games here at Texas Tech, even two years ago when I was a redshirt. I can’t tell you enough what it means to me to have her and my brother there each and every Saturday. I dreamed of playing for a power-five school, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be a Red Raider without her.

Since I first visited Lubbock, Texas Tech felt like a family environment. I had other offers to go to a few other schools, but Texas Tech felt different. Plus, it was part of the Big 12, and I knew I would have a better opportunity to show my true talents at this level. That’s what I always wanted.

Even in a few games as a true freshman, I knew I belonged at this level. The Kansas game, in particular, is one I remember. Even though I didn’t get a ton of snaps that day, in the snaps I was in for, I did really well. I felt like my time was coming. The knee brace was finally coming off, and I knew I could play.

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