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The Morning Stake | 2020.05.20

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CBS Sports has their annual coach rankings 65 through 26 and Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells is 51, falling 8 spots, from 43 last year:

Matt Wells: This is a compelling case. Wells was ranked No. 43 last season after leaving Utah State for Texas Tech. Now, after 4-8 season at Tech, he dropped eight spots to No. 51. We could all be treating Wells a little too harshly upon reflection. 2019 rank: 43 (-8)

For comparison purposes, Neal Brown at West Virginia is at 47 (had the same 5-7 record and he also dropped from 36 to 47), Kansas head coach Les Miles is at 43 (dropping 15 spots), Kansas State head coach Chris Klieman is at 42 (rising 14 spots), and Texas head coach Tom Herman at 28 (dropping 11 spots). Behind Wells is Baylor head coach Dave Aranda at 62.

I’m going to get into the APR scores in a bit more detail tomorrow, but know that APR is short for Academic Progress Report, or something like that. Basically programs are judged on how players finish their academic careers and semesters. Not necessarily graduation, but getting their stuff done. One of Kliff Kingsbury’s biggest faults was that he didn’t really give a crap about APR. You should know that 930 is real bad. Real bad. APR scores are essentially judged on a multi-year average.

Baseball: 985
Men’s Basketball: 954
Football: 949

Here is how the scores increased or decreased from the 2017-18 year to 2018-19.

Baseball: 969 to 990 (increase)
Men’s Basketball: 980 to 957 (decrease)
Football: 948 to 960 (increase)

So yeah, men’s basketball did drop significantly. I’m not sure how all of these things get worked out. Maybe Jarrett Culver didn’t finish the spring semester or Deshawn Corprew didn’t finish a summer session (I don’t know about either one of those things, but things like that can cause your score to drop) and that’s going to cause a pretty significant drop. I’m happy to see the football make some improvement. It can and should get better, but getting up to the 960 to 970 range is good.

If you ever wondered why Sean Sutton keeps sticking around in Lubbock, well, part of it may be that he likes where he’s at, but the other part may be that his son, Spencer Sutton, is now the head coach of of Trinity Christian. So Sean gets to be in the same town as his son and watch his son start his career. I love this.

Happy to see Andrei Savrasov land with former Texas Tech assistant coach Brian Burg land at Georgia Southern!

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