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The Morning Stake | 2020.04.29

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This was fun for me. MEL Magazine’s Blake Harper tracked the timeline of some of my favorite movie characters, Ferris Bueller, Cameron Frye and Sloane Peterson:

It’s a packed schedule, to say the least. Maybe a little too packed? I mean, is it even possible to fit all of those activities in a single day?

My inner Ferris told me to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. But my inner Cameron couldn’t shake the feeling that Ferris may have overextended himself in an attempt to make sure his day off was perfect. And so, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of: I scheduled out Ferris’ day as carefully as possible in order to determine whether or not his day off was, in fact, achievable.

Here’s what I found…

7 to 8 a.m.: The movie starts with Ferris’ parents letting him stay home, much to the chagrin of his twin(?) sister Jeanie. Now, we aren’t told what time this is, but let’s say school starts at 8 a.m., which is around the average time high schools begin in Chicago. So this scene probably takes place at around 7 a.m. Moreover, just before he heads to work, Ferris’ dad says that he will be home at “6 sharp.” This means that Ferris’ entire day needs to fit into approximately 11 hours.

In terms of that first hour, with everyone else gone, Ferris uses it to hop into the shower and set up his sick-day contraptions, including the sleeping dummy and doorbell recording.

I wanted nothing more in life than to own Ferris’ computer and have the gumption to skip class like Ferris did. Neither things happened. Still, that movie resonates with me for whatever reason, maybe it was the way that Ferris broke the barrier and talked to the audience. It’s one that I remember so well and as we all know, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

BaseballAmerica’s Joe Healy takes a long hard look at the Big 12 and over the past five years, Texas Tech has been the best program of the bunch:

Given their consistency, it’s no surprise to see the Red Raiders top the standings both in overall winning percentage and conference winning percentage over the last five years, but on the strength of three consecutive seasons of 49 or more wins at the beginning of this five-year span, TCU isn’t far behind. When you consider that it made a College World Series appearance in 2018, Texas sitting at seventh in the overall standings and sixth in the conference standings looks out of place, but the Longhorns finished over .500 just once in league play in the last five full seasons, including two seasons of missed regionals in the bunch and one 30-27 season when they snuck into the Field of 64 by winning the Big 12 Tournament. The overall standings and league standings look pretty similar, save for one team, West Virginia. The Mountaineers are tied for fourth in the overall standings, but fall to seventh in the conference play standings, which serves both as a reminder of how successful WVU has been under Randy Mazey and that geography dictates that it can’t play as daunting a non-conference schedule as many others in the Big 12, particularly in the midweek.

There’s more behind the paywall, but I don’t have a BA subscription.

This was a fun read for sure. Kind of like Player’s Tribune in a way.

Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams writes about how the construction work to the Dustin R. Womble Basketball Center and the renovation work being done to Jones AT&T Stadium continue and Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt said that the main donors want the construction to continue:

“I called our two lead donors in that project who are funding the majority of it,” Hocutt said, “and I asked them if they were comfortable with us proceeding or if that was a project we needed to tap the brakes on.

“They both gave me their confidence that their pledge and the commitment was still solid and they would honor that. And they encouraged me not only not to tap the brakes, but to accelerate it because it was going to be providing jobs during this time that it’s very important to have as many people working as possible.”

The article continues to go on about how once the renovations to Jones AT&T Stadium are completed, the football staff and the employees who work in the south end zone will move to the east side renovated area and then the Football Training Facility renovation will begin, but that design process is still ongoing:

“I’d say we’re 90 percent of the way through what we want that revised design and layout to be,” Hocutt said. “As far as what the total project cost of that’s going to be, it’s still to be determined.

“We continue to be in conversation with some individuals who have expressed interest in making that project a reality, but obviously this is not the ideal time to move those conversations along. So at that point in time, we’ll pick that back up.

“What type of effect will the situations that we’ve been talking about have on that project as well as trying to get the baseball clubhouse moving forward and the south end zone project? Still to be determined.”

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