Texas Tech Position Preview: Receivers

Let’s look at the guys who catch the oblong ball.

You probably thought that I forgot about the preseason position previews and you’re probably technically correct. I didn’t really forget about them, they were always in the back of my mind, but I kept finding other things to do, whether it be recruiting or basketball roster management or other things. Regardless, we’re back and we’re talking receivers. I should mention that I’m combining the running backs, fullbacks, and tight ends into the next post, so you won’t see the tight ends in this particular post.

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Wide Receivers

9 Vasher, T.J. Wide 6-6/210 Sr.
12 Polk, Ja’Lynn Wide 6-2/190 Fr.
18 Cantrell, Cameron Wide 6-1/195 R-Fr.
83 Royals, Myller Wide 6-5/180 So.
84 Ezukanma, Erik Wide 6-3/210 So.
85 Cleveland, Trey Wide 6-4/190 R-Fr.
89 Leggett, Caden Wide 6-1/185 So.

I feel like last year’s group was saved a bit by the terrific season that Reginald Turner had. Typically, graduate transfers don’t have that big of an impact, but he was really good, caught 45 passes to lead the team and also led the team with 6 touchdowns.

But with the guys returning, this should be the year where Ezukanma and Vasher absolutely star. You know what this team has missed the past few years? A legitimate threat on either side of the field. Don’t get me wrong, there have been good players, but what takes the top off the defense and opens things underneath are two players who can demand a double-coverage. By all accounts, Vasher is turning the corner and if he can be the player that we think he can be and Ezukanma improves, then this is a seriously dangerous group of wideouts.

It will be someone else’s opportunity next year, but Cantrell, Royals, Cleveland, and Leggett should be one of the guys who steps up next year.

Inside Recievers

82 Carter, KeSean Inside 5-11/175 Jr.
13 Mannix, McLane Inside 5-10/195 Sr.
22 Collins, Seth Inside 6-3/195 Sr.
86 Rigdon, Dalton Inside 5-11/170 Jr.
87 Galban, Sterling Inside 5-11/175 So.

Which one you going to pick? And you only get one to play, which is almost criminal. There are three legitimate starters here, Carter, Mannix, and Rigdon, and Collins was probably on his way and Galban is recovering from an injury that kept him out all year last year. This is a ridiculously deep group and I don’t know how you pick just one. I felt like Mannix and Rigdon did well, but if you throw in Carter, then I think this group just becomes significantly better. And we mentioned the tight ends above, I don’t know how much of a receiving threat the tight ends will be and so you’ve got to have guys all over the field who will be create mismatches.


88 Carter, Joseph Receiver 6-1/215 R-Fr.
29 Jimerson, Kendell Receiver 5-10/170 So.
35 Richardson, Mark Receiver 6-0/190 Jr.
80 Terry, Kevin Receiver 6-1/195 So.
39 Leonty, David Receiver 6-1/205 So.

Let’s get to know these guys . . . Carter played a year at Navy (he redshirted so he didn’t really play) and of all things his cousin is R.J. Hampton, the basketball player that was between Texas Tech, Kansas, and playing in Australia (he chose Australia) . . . when I first started this position preview, Jimerson was listed as a receiver and now he’s at running back; last year he made the travel roster and appeared in the game against Texas last year . . . Richardson appeared in every game last year as the holder on all kicks and thinking about it, I can’t think of one poor placement . . . Terry played in four games on special teams last year . . . Leonty had 10 receptions for 113 yards as a freshman at West Texas A&M and then spent last year as a transfer . . .

Incoming Freshmen

JJ Sparkman WR 6-4/200 Fr.
Loic Fouonji WR 6-4/192 Fr.

Please note that Polk is already on campus. Fouonji is probably the best freshman receiver of the bunch, but I like all of these guys quite a bit. There is no inside receiver in this group, Quin Bright was part of this class, but ended up committing elsewhere. As you’ll note though, there is not a huge need for inside receiver right now, but I would expect that to be addressed at some point. Joel Filani is proving to be quite the recruiter.


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