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The Morning Stake | 2020.04.27

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I hope everyone had a terrific weekend. I’ve been working my tail off thus far. With a wife at home (she’s a schoolteacher) thinking about all of the things that need to get done. So, like a lot of you, I’m getting things done. Everything from hanging decorative things, to hanging a new clothes lines, to digging up plants that don’t look great any more or transplanting shrubs with the hope that they’ll live. I’m staying busy, but that usually means that I’m about worn out when it comes to the end of the weekend and the work week is a bit of a break. Still, I think that I’m able to do all of those things and it is good to feel exhausted.

This also means that I post late on the NFL Draft stuff and Jahmi’us Ramsey declaring for the NBA draft. A day late and a dollar short.

Sometimes a stick is not just a stick, via Smithsonian Magazine:

“It’s a stick, sure,” Jordi Serangeli, an archaeologist at the University of Tübingen and co-author of the study, tells the New York Times’ Nicholas St. Fleur. But calling it “just a stick,” he says, would be like calling humanity’s first step on the moon “only dirt with a print.”

As the researchers report in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, the ancient wood was likely a throwing stick used by either Neanderthals or their even more ancient relatives, Homo heidelbergensis, to kill quarry like waterfowl and rabbits.

Archaeologists found the roughly two-foot long, half-pound throwing stick while conducting excavations in Schöningen, Germany, in 2016. To date, the site has yielded a trove of prehistoric weapons, including wooden spears and javelins thought to be the oldest ever discovered. This latest find adds to the ancient arsenal unearthed at Schöningen—and underscores the sophistication of early hominins as hunters and toolmakers.

“We can show that already 300,000 years ago, not only are these late Homo heidelbergensis or very early Neanderthals at the top of the food chain,” Nicholas Conard, an archaeologist at University of Tübingen and the study’s lead author, tells the Times, “but they also have a whole range of important technological skills they can use to make sure they can feed themselves and lead their lives.”

WatchStadium’s Jeff Goodman has his preseason top 50 (this was from Friday) and he has Baylor at #1, Kansas at #7, and Texas Tech at #11:

Expected to Declare for the Draft and Leave for NBA (1): G Jahmi’us Ramsey* (15.0 ppg)
Starters Back (3): PG Davide Moretti (Sr., 13.0 ppg), SG Kyler Edwards (Jr., 11.4 ppg), SF Terrence Shannon Jr. (Soph., 9.8 ppg)
Other Returners (4): SG Kevin McCullar (RS Soph., 6.0 ppg), G Clarence Nadolny (Soph., 2.0 ppg), G Avery Benson (RS Jr., 1.8 ppg), Andrei Savrasov (RS Soph., 1.1 ppg)
Redshirted (1): PF Tyreek Smith (RS Fr.)
Eligible Transfers (1): F Joel Ntambwe (UNLV, 11.8 ppg, 5.5 rpg)
Potential Sit-Out Transfers (1): PG Jamarius Burton (Wichita State, Jr., 10.3 ppg)
Add (4): SG Nimari Burnett (No. 21), SF Micah Peavy (No. 31), PF Chibuzo Agbo, C Esahia Nyiwe

If Texas Tech were to add forward Marcus Santos-Silva, I think this changes things considerably. I’d also add that I am more on board with Santos-Silva more than Matt Haarms and that’s not hindsight or lover’s remorse. Beard likes his big-men versatile and although Santos-Silva is not at all a perimeter player (he didn’t take a 3-point shot all year last year) and he only shoots 38% for far 2-point shots, he makes 64% of close 2-point shots and 95% of all dunks. Plus, his body-type (6’8″/250) is made to combat the handful of players that Baylor has that are of similar size and the same could be said for the West Virginia players. I’m all in on Santos-Silva.

Don’t forget that on Thursday night, Texas Tech will be having it’s very own online shindig, complete with Kirby Hocutt, Chris Beard, Tim Tadlock, and Matt Wells, along with signing performances from Josh Abbott, Grant Gilbert, and William Clark Green. Who is the highlighter from that bunch?

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