Caesar’s Palace Releases Big 12 Win Totals

Let’s place our bets.

Caesar’s Palace released their predicted win totals for the year for the Big 12 (posted by Chris Fallica on Twitter) and here are your win totals for 2020:

Team Total
Baylor 8
Iowa State 8
Kansas 3.5
Kansas State 6
Oklahoma 10
Oklahoma State 8.5
TCU 6.5
Texas 9
Texas Tech 6
West Virginia 5.5

Personally, I think I’d take the under or the push for Texas Tech. Texas Tech’s win totals are 4, 5, 6, 5, 7, and 4, the past 6 years, so historically, Texas Tech just isn’t winning 6 games or more over the past handful of years. The safe bet isn’t to take the over, it’s probably to either push or take the under until proven otherwise. Oh, and yeah, before the shelter-in-place, I was believing the hype and I thought that another year with the offseason that I think was taking place, there is going to be significant improvement in how the players looked and how they eventually played. I don’t know how these current events will affect my thinking, but my guess, because I’m a fan, is that if/when the season starts, I’ll be out with my pom-poms predicting an undefeated season because who cares if I’m wrong.

I think that Caesar’s sees the Big 12 that a lot of see, which is that there are lot of programs that are right in that range of 6 wins, TCU, Texas Tech, West Virginia, and Kansas State. A lot of folks tend to really like West Virginia and if TCU can find a quarterback and some offensive consistency, then who knows. The Horned Frogs did re-hire Doug Meachum in the offseason who was there when they were in their offensive hey-day paired with Sonny Cumbie. Last year, Baylor wins a ton of close games and they are apparently the team that gets the bump, but I’d definitely take the under, especially with a coaching change and a ton of NFL talent on the defensive side of the ball leaving. I’d also add that I’ve been predicting Baylor’s downfall and it doesn’t happen, so maybe I need to start touting the Bears with the thought that the reverse will happen. I’d have to take a shower each and every time, but maybe I need to take one for the team.

And Oklahoma, Texas, and then Oklahoma State is how most folks think the conference will end at the end of the year. I am guessing that a lot of you don’t think that Texas is back at 9 wins. I’d have to take a look at non-conference schedules to get a better handle on that sort of thing, but the Longhorns have the most experienced quarterback in the Big 12, but they did replace their defensive coordinator so . . .

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