Post-Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 88, TCU 42

It’s a big win.

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Tortilla Tossin’ Player of the Game

I don’t eve know who to choose in a situation like this, literally doubling up an opponent isn’t supposed to happen. Jahmi’us Ramsey was the most explosive and he led the team in scoring with 17 points on 7 of 11, but you could choose anyone, including Russel Tchewa for player of the game.

The Motion

  • Just ridiculous. In so many ways both good and bad. Texas Tech was absolutely terrific in every facet. Literally every one (except for free throws where the team shot 50% from the charity stripe). Each one of these numbers will be Texas Tech’s number first and then TCU’s: FG% – 60% | 27%; 3FG% – 59% | 16%; TO’s – 6 | 20; Points Off of Turnovers – 33 | 4; Assists – 20-4.
  • Going into this game, TCU was one of the worst teams in the nation in turning the ball over, 316th in the nation and they were also one of the worst teams getting to the line, 307th. I’d guess that they aren’t very good at these new numbers, but it is probably exasperated when they are on the road. And that could not have been more true. This isn’t to take anything away from Texas Tech, but TCU looked completely uninterested in playing basketball last night and I can’t figure out why they don’t have more pride to simply play better (maybe they don’t like playing for their coach?). Texas Tech kicked TCU’s ass in every conceivable way. They kicked their ass on offense and on defense and probably in the halftime as well.
  • The flow of the offense is absolutely unbelievable at this point, the second half of the Texas game and then this game, it was flowing. Players making shots makes things easier, but the dribble drive and teams being off-balance is significant.
  • It’s so fun on defense, Texas Tech has no issues with Moretti or Edwards guarding the opponents center because they know that collegiate teams have a difficult time executing the simplest of plays including throwing the ball into the post. I think Texas Tech also realizes that centers really aren’t good at receiving the ball in the post. It’s almost cocky how they do it.
  • There were 5 players in double-figures. No player shot below 50% from the field except for Avery Benson who went 0-1 on the evening. We were able to see a ton of McCullar, Nadolny, Savrasov, and Tchewa, which was really fun. Tchewa was really fun because there is so much potential in that body and watching him guard the perimeter and play in the post. Savrasov really does have a nice outside shot. McCullar scored in double-figures in 21 minutes. Nadolny really likes being in charge of the offense and he’s in control.
  • Terrence Shannon was knocked out of the game by Jaedon LeDee with a cheap shot elbow to Shannon’s head. Losing by double-digits and let’s just take a cheap shot. Beard said that Shannon was in concussion protocol after the game, but Beard said that nothing has been confirmed.

  • Chris Beard on preserving the win:

    “I think it showed great respect for TCU. We knew at halftime the game wasn’t over yet. They gave us all, actually more than, we could handle when we played in Ft. Worth. I think it also showed respect for our teammates. Guys like Russ, Clarence, Andrei deserved some minutes and they did a great job of separating in the second half.”

  • NBC Sports’ Rob Dauster:

    Most importantly, they seem to have figured out how to take advantage of all the weapons they have on the offensive end of the floor. They’ve ranked as the ninth-best offense in college basketball for the last three weeks. They rank 21st nationally in offensive efficiency since Jan. 1st. That stretch has bumped them up from a team that was outside the top 100 in offensive efficiency to one that sits at 49th on Torvik and 54th KenPom.

    Put another way, Kyler Edwards is playing some of his best ball of the season, Davide Moretti is back to being Davide Moretti, Jahmi’us Ramsey is doing what he does and T.J. Holyfield is finally playing like a guy that can be a weapon on the perimeter.

    I feel comfortable saying this now: Beard has solved the Rubix Cube that his this year’s Texas Tech team.

  • So much has gone into things getting figured out, including Ramsey not just shooting jump shots, Holyfield not fouling and contributing, Edwards starting to make his shots, McCullar finding his legs and being a major bench contributor, etc.
  • You get bit of a break for the rest of the week, as Texas Tech travels to Stillwater on Saturday to take on Oklahoma State at 12:00 p.m.



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