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The Morning Stake | 2020.01.30

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Lubbock In The Loop. Check out Lubbock In The Loop for all of your weekend plans and activities.
Podcasts. Check out your guys, Spencer and Michael, on 23 Personnel Podcast, a Texas Tech athletics podcast where food and sports clash at the goal line, as well as Keith Patrick and Dinger Derby, the only, yes only, podcast about Texas Tech baseball.

The Bizarre Bank Robbery That Shook an Arctic Town. Via OutsideOnline:

There’s a classic Norwegian children’s story called “Folk og rovere i Kardemomme By,” which translates as “When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town.” It’s about an idyllic village where the locals live in peace until thieves arrive and cause a bit of trouble, then are arrested and change their ways. (Ultimately, they become heroes when they put out a fire.) Many Longyearbyen residents have felt as though they lived in Cardamom themselves. With its bright, candy-colored homes and buildings laid out neatly against a mountainous backdrop, the town has the look and feel of a Dr. Seuss drawing. As Trond Hellstad, the chipper manager of the local branch of SpareBank 1, the only bank in Longyearbyen, told me one bright day in March, “It’s a fairy-tale town.”

Longyearbyenians share an unusual, adventurous lifestyle. With few roads for cars, they get around on snowmobiles and skis. During the interminable winter, when the sun doesn’t rise for four months, the northern lights frequently paint the starry sky. When daylight returns in the spring, residents celebrate with the weeklong Solfestuka, or Sun Festival, dancing to live music, swilling local beers, and joining the face-painted kids’ chorus to sing “Here Comes the Sun” on the steps of an old burned-out hospital on the outskirts of town. Summer brings endless hours of light for hiking, biking, boating, and fishing. Reindeer and arctic fox roam the island’s interior, while whales, walruses, and seals frolic in the fjord.

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Joel Ntambwe Update.

Kobe Warmups. Head coach Chris Beard said that the warm-up shirts were a collective thing in the program and a nice touch. I tend to think that for these players, Kobe is their version of Michael Jordan, the best player they’ve ever seen play live and on the TV.

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Still Recruiting. Still on the road, and most likely will be that way until they can’t be on the road any more.


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