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The Morning Stake | 2019.12.10

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I’m Back.  I generally wrote most of this Morning’s Stake during my lunch hour on Monday (which I normally work through lunch) with the thought that I wasn’t sure that I’d have internet access when I arrived home. Yesterday during the morning, I spent it complaining on Twitter a little bit and I don’t know if this worked or not, but when I arrived home, there was a CenturyLink van working at the front of the neighborhood where I stay. It’s pretty amazing how much I rely on the internet to do the things that I do, and without access the content here is significantly lacking. I guess the next time this happens I need to go to a Starbucks and steal some wifi.

I did work on some roster projections for the football team and a handful of other things, but I’m not ready to post them. Besides, Texas Tech basketball has #1 Louisville on tap for tonight.

The Expectations and Realities of Six-Man Football in Small-Town Texas. Via Texas Monthly’s Jeff Miller:

Hundreds of miles away from New Home, down in a picturesque southwest corner of the Hill Country, the town of Leakey (pronounced LAY-key) isn’t growing. The Frio River flows down the town’s east side and attracts visitors in the summer who enjoy rafting, tubing, and vacation properties. But Mayor Harry Schneemann, who played football for Leakey in the early 1960s, noted the lack of a true industry in the 410-person town. “There’s no reason to move here, especially if you have a student playing sports,” he said. “But as long as there’s a river, there will be a Leakey.”

Road signs leading into Leakey boast that the Eagles were state football champions in 1975, the final year of the UIL’s eight-man division. Despite qualifying for six-man football, Leakey has played eleven-man ever since. It hasn’t treated them well. They’ve produced few winning seasons—only one in the past twenty years. Donnie Dutton, who served as the school’s athletic director for the past four years, said Leakey’s motivation for playing up for so long was primarily convenience—there was a dearth of six-man opponents located within a reasonable distance, which meant away games could be hard to navigate.

But neighboring rivals Medina and Nueces Canyon made the switch to six-man in recent years. And the 2017 Eagles were barely able to field an eleven-man team en route to a 1-9 finish. After taking those two factors into account, the school board overwhelmingly voted to reclassify as a six-man team last fall.

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Texas Tech vs. #1 Louisville. This week’s AP Top 25 Poll has Louisville ranked #1 overall, with Texas Tech no longer receiving any votes. Not a one. Tonight’s game starts at 6:00 p.m., so please set your DVR’s or adjust your notifications on your Palm Pilots accordingly. Also be aware that I’ve done a preview and game day thread, prepared it on my lunch hour and is set to be posted at 10:00 a.m.

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Dinner with the Seniors. This seemed like a nice touch, I’d like to see video of this or parts of it if at all possible.

The Redshirt Rule. This might be something to discuss, NBC Sports, the NCAA committee chair hints that the rule regarding the 4-game allowing players to play 4-games without burning a redshirt year may not be a thing that lasts much longer:

Amid a flurry of player movement as a result of those two, on top of unique situations like Houston’s D’Eriq King deciding to take a redshirt in what amounts to a lost year for the Cougars, it seems the powers at be are already eyeing tweaking the current status quo. West Virginia AD Shane Lyons chairs the NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee and remarked on a local radio show that adjustments to the current set of rules are likely to be discussed during meetings at the NCAA convention in January.

“I don’t think it’s a good optic for college sports,” Lyons said, according to the West Virginia MetroNews. “The way it looks, a student-athlete is potentially quitting on his team.

“It’s something the committee will look at in their January meeting to make any adjustments as necessary.”

Utah State’s Love Considering Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Houston. One of the things that I wanted to work through was the situation regarding Cody Campbell’s post on Red Raider Sports, which also dealt heavily with him advocating the an interview with Dana Holgorsen. Given how Holgorsent absolutely dismantled the program at West Virginia (and then got the hell out of town) and the situation at Houston makes that hindsight 20-20 makes passing on Holgorsen a pretty easy decision. And as mentioned in the redshirt rule story, D’Eriq King essentially held himself out of the game and now, as noted below, is going after Jordan Love, the Utah State quarterback.


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