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A fair number of byes and not too many shockers. I don’t even really have any fun tweets of crazy things that happened this week. Let’s see the run down

BIG 12

West Virginia 14, #12 Baylor 17

It’s wild, to me, that Baylor hasn’t had to play an away game all season. The Bears continue to be the least impressive undefeated team, allowing another 2019 bottom-tier team to hang around all game to then only beat them by 3 points. It is both a) terrible to watch, like a lot of their games this year, and b) undeniable that they are 8-0, and the record is the only thing that matters. Props to West Virginia, who fielded 8 sacks and held Baylor to below 20 points, and jeers to the offense for not capitalizing on that, as the Bears haven’t won a game scoring less than 20 since 2006. There could be a QB change (with a familiar name) for the Mountaineers this Saturday, so that’s something to keep an eye on. Baylor plays an angry TCU next Saturday, followed by Oklahoma at home, Texas at home, and the deadly confines of David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium in Lawrence to finish the season.

#22 Kansas State 38, Kansas 10

Clearly a let-down trap game for the Jayhawks, Kansas State pretty much had their way on Saturday from the opening kick-off. Skylar Thompson continued his ground dominance from Oklahoma again, leading the Wildcats in rushing (127 yards, 3 TDs) while tacking on another 129 yards passing. KSU also held Kansas to 241 yards of total offense and a 20% success rate on third downs.

TCU 27, Oklahoma State 34

In a remarkable show of self-restraint, I will give some information about this game instead of just typing “CHUBA HUBBARD” 80 times. However, the most succinct way to describe this game is by simply typing “CHUBA HUBBARD.”

Gary Patterson has coached at TCU for 19 years, and never has an opposing RB rushed for more than 200 yards against him. Chuba ran for 223 yards and 2 TDs, with 192 (!) of those yards coming in the second half. Frogs QB Max Duggan (this week’s My Bad For The Endorsement sufferer of the week) didn’t help matters, throwing 3 picks to the Cowboys defense while throwing for 258 yards and 1 TD. It should be noted that OSU Biletnikoff candidate Tylan Wallace injured his knee last week during practice and is out for the year, and the Pokes still were able to put up 307 total yards of rushing.


Pour One Out

Not all dreams come true. Previously undefeated #15 SMU lost an incredibly entertaining game to AAC foe #22 Memphis 48-54, while #20 Appalachian State was also handed their first loss by Georgia Southern. The Big 10 has 3 perfect teams still, including our special boys at Minnesota. We believe, Gophers.

Not All Dream Jobs Come True

Willie Taggart, he of the one and done season at Oregon to move closer to home, has been fired from Florida after one and a half seasons. I think Taggart is a fantastic coach, but Jimbo Fisher does seem to have the ability to make fan bases have outrageous expectations

Spin Up The Carousel

FSU most likely won’t be the only high profile opening this season. After a 56-24 second half dismantling by Oregon and a new AD to boot, USC coach Clay Helton just may be on the hot seat. Arkansas’ Chad Morris is most likely there as well, currently 2-7 this year with the Hogs and 4-17 overall.

Calm Before The Storm

It was a relatively boring week, all things considered. The World’s Largest Cocktail Party ended with a #8 Georgia win over #6 Florida with a very SEC score (24-17), #16 Notre Dame almost caught another L courtesy of under-performing Virginia Tech (20-21), and #23 Wake Forest is at 7-1 and piquing everybody’s interest before the hammer inevitably drops on them courtesy of the very ho-hum 9-0 #4 Clemson Tigers. Coming off of byes for next weekend will be #1 LSU at #2 Bama, while #5 Penn State travels to undefeated #13 Minnesota (low key keep an eye out for this one).


Reflecting the weekend, not too much big change in the rankings, minus SMU probably getting unfairly dinged 8 spots for a loss against a very good ranked Memphis team that now has the same rank as the Ponies. Definitely the most static the rankings have been all season.

  1. LSU (-)
  2. Alabama (-)
  3. Ohio State (-)
  4. Clemson (-)
  5. Penn State (-)
  6. Georgia (⇑2)
  7. Oregon (-)
  8. Utah (⇑1)
  9. Oklahoma (⇑1)
  10. Florida (⇓4)
  11. Baylor (⇑1)
  12. Auburn (⇓1)
  13. Minnesota (-)
  14. Michigan (-)
  15. Notre Dame (⇑1)
  16. Wisconsin (⇑2)
  17. Cinncinati (-)
  18. Iowa (⇑2)
  19. Memphis (⇑5)
  20. Kansas State (⇑2)
  21. Boise State (-)
  22. Wake Forest (⇑1)
  23. SMU (⇓8)
  24. San Diego State (⇑1)
  25. Navy (NR)

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