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The Morning Stake | 2019.10.21

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Where’s Betsy? Via The California Sunday Magazine, a cow escapes in Alaska and the farmer who owned her won’t stop looking for her:

Betsy is not, as most people might assume by the fuss surrounding her, a human child. She is a cow. Specifically, she is a thousand-pound black-haired Scottish Highland cross. Her owner, Frank Koloski, has been looking for her for more than a year. The way Koloski tells it, he had gotten a batch of new yearling cows for the Father’s Day junior rodeo event last year. At this point, Betsy was one in a herd of eight, penned in the back of the arena waiting to participate in various events. Just before the rodeo was about to start, a kid accidentally left the gate unlatched. Betsy backed into it and immediately took off, while the rest of her herd stayed put. “I feel like she left me on my first date,” Koloski says.

Summer ended, the days got shorter, and snow began to fall. Koloski resigned himself to the possibility that Betsy had been killed by a hunter or a bear. He also had to resign himself to the fact that a few thousand dollars’ worth of cow had walked out the door.

Then, in mid-December, a mountain biker posted a picture in the Anchorage Fat Tire Facebook group of a ghostly black cow standing in the snow, captioned: “WTF? Anyone missing a cow?!? How on earth did a cow get onto the hillside trails?” Koloski immediately recognized Betsy and later posted his number in the Facebook group and in the local paper, asking people to call or text him if they spotted her. The community responded en masse: His phone started blowing up with tips and pictures from the police department, animal control, and well-meaning residents. Koloski has gotten somewhere between 30 to 40 calls from people who claim to have seen her.

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Be Like Matt. LubbockOnline’s Don Williams writes that Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells has a blueprint for how to turn things around in Iowa State’s Matt Campbell:

Matt Campbell has the team and program I believe Matt Wells aspires to. It’s more nuanced than the Cyclones simply being on their way to a third consecutive winning season and looking good doing it. It’s how they do it that probably has some appeal in the Tech football building. Or should.

We documented on Sunday that no one has more consistently shut down the Texas Tech passing game — the Kliff Kingsbury and David Yost versions — than Iowa State defensive coordinator Jon Heacock. In four years, against four Tech quarterbacks, Iowa State has limited Red Raiders passers to 5.3 yards per attempt, a miserable number.

The scheme gets a lot of attention, and has something to do with it, but to allow 121 pass completions by Tech over four years and fewer than 1,000 yards, the Cyclones aren’t missing many tackles.

It doesn’t matter who’s wearing the uniforms. For Tech’s homecoming, Iowa State was without preseason all-Big 12 defensive end JaQuan Bailey and current Big 12 sacks leader O’Rien Vance, a linebacker. Safety Greg Eisworth, the 2018 conference defensive newcomer of the year, was on the field less than half the time as he returns from injury.

Many Tech fans will chalk it up to the Red Raiders’ short passing game being self-limiting. Perhaps, but that doesn’t explain Mahomes and Shimonek’s numbers against Iowa State being quite similar to Duffey’s, all three throwing for between 200 and 250 yards.

Campbell’s staff has done quite a job identifying talent on that side of the ball, developing it and getting the players to do what they’re asked to do, and do it well.


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