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The Morning Stake | 2019.10.02

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Fat Bear Week. Via Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska, you may now download the Bears of Brooks River 2019 e-book about how you can watch the bears of Katmai get totally fat on salmon on various cameras around the park (I think). And this is something you could show your kids, it’s pretty neat and the e-book is really well done with lots of photos. Check it out:

In addition to sharing Katmai with millions of Bear Cam viewers around the world, the park also looks forward to hosting the 5th annual Fat Bear Week contest in early October. This fun and virally famous event allows fans to celebrate the “gains” in pounds individuals bears have made in preparation for winter hibernation. Fat Bear Week 2019 is tentatively scheduled to begin Wednesday October 2 and conclude with the winner announced on Fat Bear Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

Mike Fitz, founder of Fat Bear Week, recently observed, “Overall the bears who use Brooks River appear fat and healthy. I thought Fat Bear Week 2018 might be the fattest Fat Bear Week ever, but the “contestants” could beat that this year! Some already look ready to hibernate.”


“We continue to see the stories of individual bears unfold along the river. Bear 402 utilizes her two decades of experience to raise her three yearlings while one young bear, 719, is experiencing motherhood for the first time. At Brooks Falls, the hierarchy continues to shuffle. Bear 856, a large and assertive adult male, continues to reign at the top, but he’s nearly 20 years old. How long will he be able to maintain his position as the river’s most dominant bear?”

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First Practice.

Texas Tech Basketball

First Day. It’s the first day of practice for the NBA and Chris Beard and the entire staff showed up for Jarrett Culver’s first practice.

Also, I have a theory. When Beard poses with recruits, there’s no smile. Photos with family, fiance, former players, there’s a smile. There’s probably other situations, but there’s definitely some pattern here. It’s a working theory.

Texas Tech Football


Bruffy Takes Responsibility. Well, this is some honest question-answering. Well, I don’t even know what the question was, so for all I know, it was completely unprompted, but offensive lineman Travis Bruffy takes the blame for not having the team ready to play against Oklahoma.

Yost Talks Offense and Duffey. Yesterday, head coach Matt Wells named Jett Duffey the starter at quarterback for the forseeable future and offensive coordinator David Yost discusses Duffey’s performance:

“Him (Duffey) being able to get in there and get some stuff going, some first downs for us was really good for us,” Yost said, “especially on the fourth drive able to get us kind of down the field and get us in the end zone there. Those other three drives we got down there and had to settle for field goals. I think it’s a building point where we get some good evaluation on things he does best, things we got to accentuate with him, things we’ll probably tone back on and all those types of things and the game situation. There were definitely some good things that I think we can move forward from.”

Duffey also talked about getting better:

“Not necessarily,” Duffey answered to things being easier. “I always just focus on what I can do, what I can improve on anytime I touch the field. I just focus on what I have to do. That’s all I really focus on. I felt like I had a solid performance. I could always do better. I feel like I need to improve so this team can take the next step. I feel like it’s on me to take that step.”

As an aside, defensive coordinator Keith Patterson spoke to the media on Monday and his video was released yesterday evening, so maybe Yost’s video will be released this evening. They’ve done a good job of doing this, just maybe a day later than when the coordinator spoke. Here’s Patterson’s video where he says within the first 15 seconds, he is accountable for all of it.


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