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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.25

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Machu Picchu Built Over Fault Zones. Via ScienceMag, our very own Brian DonCarlos was at Machu Picchu just a month or so ago, and the archeological site was built on fault lines in the 15th century by the Incans:

Both satellite images and recent field work reveal that the ground beneath Machu Picchu is crisscrossed with fault zones of various sizes, some of which control the orientation of river valleys in the region by providing weak zones that are more easily eroded by flowing water. Because some of these faults run from northeast to southwest and others trend from northwest to southeast, they collectively create an X where they intersect beneath the site, researchers reported this week at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Phoenix.

When earthquakes along these fault zones cause rocks to shift, they generate prodigious quantities of fractured rock (large stones in foreground). But these fault zones also channel meltwater from ice and snow and rainwater, thus enabling residents to more effectively collect it. They also help drain it away during intense thunderstorms, preventing short-term damage and aiding long-term preservation of the site.

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Dinger Derby on Rob Breaux Show. If you’re hankering for some baseball talk, Keith Patrick of Dinger Derby was on with Rob Breaux and Karson Robinson to talk fall practice and the baseball team.

Texas Tech Basketball

Knight, Ellis, and Beard on Andre Emmett. Andre Emmett’s former head coach, teammate Andy Ellis, and coach Chris Beard on Andre Emmett.

Practice Starts. The official start to practice was yesterday and the Davide Moretti and TJ Holyfield as well as head coach Matt Wells met witht he media. I really enjoyed listening to Holyfield, he seems pretty squared away.

A-J Media’s Carlos Silva, Jr. and RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz recap yesterday’s presser meetings. Should mention that Mark Adams has become the associate head coach, so that’s great news. Joel Ntambwe is a transfer from UNLV and is waiting word from the NCAA as to whether or not he could be eligible for this year.

And here’s a bit from Soliz’s recap:

“These guys are all getting experience,” Beard said. “All seven of them contributed in the Bahamas. They played real minutes. They got offseason under their belts, they got fall practices and now today we start official practice with these guys.”

Beard went on to say the returners, including the transfers, only help in the progression of the slew of freshmen.

“Yes, we’re a young team but no excuse,” Beard said. “We’re a no excuse culture. We Intend to be a part of the fight this year regardless of what classification of guys are on our roster.”

Kansas Notice of Allegations. CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish has some good thoughts on the Kansas notice of allegations:

But the NCAA does not believe KU’s staff was in the dark. It has instead alleged that Self and assistant Kurtis Townsend, time and again, were at least aware of — and perhaps often involved in — the cheating. And the byproduct of that is Kansas being charged with three Level I violations that could lead to the school vacating significant achievements while its Hall of Fame coach faces career-altering punishments.

Texas Tech Football

Takeaway Tuesday.

Yost Meets with Media. Offensive coordinator David Yost met with the media and we get some idea as to how the offense will adjust this week and beyond.

A-J Media’s Don Williams and RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz have quotes from Yost’s media availability, this is from Soliz:

“Right now, how we’ve been kind of approaching it is they’re both going to play. It’s just now putting them into position to be as successful as we can with what they feel most comfortable with, with what they can execute at the highest rate and where we can create explosive plays to give us a chance to go score points because that’s what you gotta do when you play a team that’s this explosive. I mean, a part of our job is to score points in this, too. It’s not just to not do anything wrong but we gotta go make plays.”

Yost said Tyner and Duffey have their own traits and abilities they feel comfortable in and execute at a better rate than the other. He added they gameplan by series or by script where they lean on what each executes in a specific situation. He said there’s some carry over but it’s separate between what both can do.

Without Bowman the gameplan isn’t necessarily condensed but is going the direction that best fits the two filling in Bowman’s shoes. A lot of the planning around this situation is about how acquainted Tyner and Duffey are when leading the offense.

And this is from Williams:

“I don’t know if it’s condensed,” offensive coordinator David Yost said Tuesday. “It’s kind of just (going) in some different directions over what we felt Alan did really well, what he felt comfortable with, compared to these guys.

“It’s different, and then with … the plan of them both playing, you don’t need 70 snaps for each guy, because that’s not how it’s going to probably go. So what you do is kind of condense it down into their package and what they do best so you can focus on that and give them the best chance to be successful.”


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