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BIG 12

Oklahoma State – 30, (12) Texas – 36

Always an entertaining match-up, the Pokes were looking good for an upset until 1) a very questionable spot for OSU in the red zone by the officiating crew, and 2) an INCREDIBLY questionable fake field goal call by Mike Gundy. My pre-season skepticism of Texas QB Sam Ehlinger has pretty much dissipated; an iffy-passer last season, Ehlinger dropped dimes all night and was most definitely aided by budding Biletnikoff candidate Devin Duvernay. As for Oklahoma State, they’re going to be a tough out for anybody this season. Young QB Sanders looks to be special, RB Chuba Hubbard is a stud, and WR Tylan Wallace is going to be a nightmare for every Big 12 defense and may very well have his own shiny Biletnikoff come December.

SMU – 41 , (25) TCU – 38

Folks, you hate to see it. The Skillet heads back to Dallas, the Ponies are 4-0, and TCU’s defense looked more human than normal. Frogs RB Darius Anderson also rushed for 161, something to keep an eye on for scouting purposes.

Louisiana Monroe 20, Iowa State  72

RB David Montgomery may be gone, but Brock Purdy: still good. Competition aside, scoring 72 is never something to scoff at.

West Virginia 29 , Kansas 24

The Hatter almost did it. Given where the bar is set for the Jayhawks, Miles has them at a respectable 2-2 in his inaugural season and has the chance to ruffle some more feathers. Meanwhile, the ‘Eers are 3-1 so far but it feels like their season has started much rockier than the record indicates.

Baylor 21, Rice 13

Listen, you can’t just waltz into Rice’s house and just expect the Poindexters to hand you a win. At least, that’s what I’d tell myself if I was a Baylor fan. Bears QB Charlie Brewer turned in a very efficient performance while leading the team in rushing to boot (it should be noted that Baylor didn’t score the entire second half). Baylor’s defense also held the Owls to 64 yards rushing.


There’s a reason it’s called #PAC12AfterDark

Mike Leach & #19 Washington State had an incredibly comfortable 32-point lead in the 3rd quarter over what’s most likely the worst team in his conference in UCLA. Wazzu loses the game 67-63. Never get bored and change the channel on the late game is the lesson of the story. What’s most interesting is that Chip Kelly has finally started showing signs of life since his return to the college ranks.

LSU is the #2 Offense in Advanced Stats and I’m Going to Church Again

I believe the time to downplay transfer QB’s has long since passed. Originally at Ohio State, Joe Burrow has followed up on a respectable 2018 season with an eye opening 2019 campaign, including this past Saturday’s route of Vanderbilt where he set some LSU passing records. Burrow & LSU are 2nd in the nation in passing yards, and I have carved a series of runes into my door jambs and painted them with lamb’s blood.

Pitt Special?

Pitt Special! Oh, UCF’s winning streak is over btw.

Sometimes You Just Want to Hear the Hits

Appalachian State followed up their 2007 chart topper “Big House Blues” with a brand new single “Mack Brown: Still Mack Brown.” I respect when a band goes back to what made them popular but I find it a bit gauche to use the EXACT same hook. We get it, you can block field goals to embarrass Power 5 schools. Why not trying something new like blocking a punt and returning it for the win?

Speaking of Vintage Michigan

I need to update my calendar, I usually have the Wolverines getting exposed slotted in for the 3rd weekend in October every year. The 35-14 score on this makes this game look a lot closer than it was. Michigan didn’t touch the scoreboard until the second half, and Badger RB Jonathan Taylor ran for 203 yards. It doesn’t hurt that in Wisconsin, it’s always Big Boy Season. Truly a team of the people.

The Top is still The Top

#1 Clemson continued to Clemson, #2 Alabama did Alabama Things, and #3 Georgia beat #7 Notre Dame on what seemed to be an interesting game on paper after the fact, but was indeed Bad To Watch™

The Rankings

Wisconsin, California(?!), and Iowa made some big moves up, while Utah & Michigan both made precipitous drops. Here’s your AP Top 25 below:

1. Clemson (-)
2. Alabama (-)
3. Georgia (-)
4. LSU (-)
5. Ohio State (⇑1)
6. Oklahoma (⇓1)
7. Auburn (⇑1)
8. Wisconsin (⇑5)
9. Florida (-)
10. Notre Dame (⇓3)
11. Texas (⇑1)
12. Penn State (⇑1)
13. Oregon (⇑3)
14. Iowa (⇑4)
15. California (⇑8)
16. Boise State (⇑4)
17. Washington (⇑5)
18. Virginia (⇑3)
19. Utah (⇓9)
20. Michigan (⇓9)
21. USC (NR)
22. UCF (⇓7)
23. Texas A&M (⇓6)
24. Kansas State (NR)
25. Michigan State (NR)


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