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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.18

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Countdown to Kickoff. Check out Countdown to Kickoff at Talk 1340 featuring your guys from the 23 Personnel podcast, Spencer Rogers and Michael McDonald, along with Rob Breaux and Karson Robinson, 3 hours before kickoff each and every game!

Saved By The Bell to Return. Via Vulture, Saved by the Bell, the iconic teen show from the late 80’s and early 90’s will return, and here’s the premise:

Per a press release confirming the revival, which has been rumored for more than a year, the new show imagines a world where Zack is now governor of California (no, really), but he’s in political trouble for “closing too many low-income high schools.” To fix his political problem, Governor Morris decides to “send the affected students to the highest-performing schools in the state — including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the overprivileged Bayside kids a much-needed and hilarious dose of reality.”

It appears that Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, and Elizabeth Berkley will return for sure, but Gosselaar in a limited role. This was right in my wheelhouse as a kid and I think I’m at the age, 45, when this was a thing.

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No News. Other than it being Patrick Mahomes’ birthday yesterday, I couldn’t find any new news out there. That may be a good thing. No news is good news?


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