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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.17

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Countdown to Kickoff. Check out Countdown to Kickoff at Talk 1340 featuring your guys from the 23 Personnel podcast, Spencer Rogers and Michael McDonald, along with Rob Breaux and Karson Robinson, 3 hours before kickoff each and every game!

Something Interesting. I’m trying to write something interesting each and every day in this spot. So here goes. Via the BBC, the lost city of Tenea was discovered in the Peloponnese in Greece by archaeologist Eleni Korka:

According to myth, the city was founded by the Trojans sometime around 1100BC and built by prisoners of war. They chose this spot because it was on the road between Corinth and the ancient settlement of Mycenae. Oedipus was said to have been raised here after being sent away as a baby. And it was one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the ancient region of Corinthia in the northern Peloponnese. Until now, however, no-one could work out exactly where it was – or why it disappeared.

But one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Tenea is why it disappeared. Most other major ancient Greek cities, such as Sparta, Athens and Corinth, remain inhabited to this day. It was unusual for a city as large as Tenea – there were probably around 100,000 inhabitants – to be completely abandoned, and no historical texts give a clue as to why.

I think it’s wild that we’re in 2019 and we’re still discovering lost cities and they won’t find everything for probably another 100 years.

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Something to Look Forward To. IDK. It’s only 50 days until the season starts, and technically, it’s less than a month for the men’s team who will open the season with an exhibition game in El Paso against UTEP to benefit the victims of the El Paso shooting. CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander has 50 things to get ready for the season. Texas Tech is mentioned a couple of times, so get ready for college hoops and give it a read.

Texas Tech Football

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Game Time Set. You can adjust your Palm Pilots as Texas Tech will play Oklahoma at 11:00 a.m. on FOX a week from this Saturday.

Miscellaneous . . . Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo has the Big 12 power rankings and your Red Raiders are #10 / womp womp / . . .


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