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The Morning Stake | 2019.08.27

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Commitment. Below is Nyam Thornton and I believe she committed over the weekend. Thornton is a 5’7″ point guard from Columbus, Ohio and is ranked 30th overall at her position.

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Beard is a Superstar. Chris Beard is a force and you cannot stop him, you can only hope to contain him. I don’t know what else to say about how unique he is in terms of his personality. This is one of the better fireside chats that I think they’ve done, largely because Beard peppers in his advice throughout, including a reference to Night Ranger’s Sister Christian, essentially says that Matt Wells’ wife is really good looking (All due respect to Mrs. Wells) and that Wells can recruit as a result, telling his mom that he’s drinking “gotchas” and not beers (“gotchas” is beer with ice and 2 shots of tabasco), I could go on.

A couple of observations, I was glad to see Wells in this sort of environment and I’m going to emphasize what I’ve thought about him, which is that he’s pretty much just a football coach and that’s exactly what he is. I don’t know that Wells has many outside hobbies. Wells laughs at the idea of suggesting drinking games, or even drinking at all. “If being a Springsteen song is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” And Beard didn’t know that there was a tortilla thrown on the court at the Final Four.

Again, he’s a force of nature. Soak it all up.

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Pep Rally. I don’t recall a pep rally before, or really, this was more of a student pep rally and it looked like a ton of fun.Β  I don’t recall this being done previously, if it has, please let me know down below. I like this idea and is a good way for the students and student-athletes to get to hang out together. Also, Beard promised that if the football team went undefeated, he’d rent the entire block of Broadway on his dime and throw a party.

Madden. I believe you can thank Logan Hawk for this really terrific video.


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