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The Morning Stake | 2019.07.31

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Condolences to the Mounts Family. Condolences to the family of Del Ray Mounts. Rest in peace.

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Cost of Doing Business. Via WatchStadium’s Andy Wittry, Texas Tech had the 16th highest recruiting budget, $350,731 total, which resulted in the 33rd best recruiting class in 2018 and 16th best recruiting class in 2019. Notable items is that Texas was 4th with a budget of $582,133, Kansas was 5th with a budget of $540,842, Oklahoma State was 8th with a budget of $462,735, and Oklahoma was 14th with a budget of $377,414. Iowa State and Kansas State are right behind Texas Tech, 18th and 21st.

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Connelly Stats Link. For you stat-heads, ESPN’s Bill Connelly has sent out his GoogleSheets link to his stats for the 2019 season. As an aside, Texas Tech is projected to win 6 games and is currently ranked as the 55th best team heading into the year.

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Dykes Close to Texas Tech Job. Via reddit, Sonny Dykes was apparently on a radio show or possibly a podcast, and said that he was close to being hired as the the Texas Tech head coach. I haven’t had time to listen so I’ll need someone to help out. I’m not sure if this was maybe after the 2018 season when Kliff Kingsbury won the Texas game to continue or possibly when Kingsbury was hired, but we had been told that Chad Morris was the second candidate.

Holcomb Commits. I’ll have a commitment post coming up later today as John Holcomb, a tight end from Wellington High School, committed last night.


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