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The Morning Stake | 2019.07.18

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“I am so thrilled to be staying home in Lubbock and continuing our mission to build this program to national prominence,” Gregory said. “Texas Tech is a very special place and my family and I are surrounded by extraordinary people committed to that same mission. The future is bright!”

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

Offseason Workout. John Reilly is really all-in on the offseason workouts and if you’re not following Reilly, you should, just to follow along for the offseason updates on how the players are progressing.

Texas Tech Football

Mic’d Up with Wells.

Screen Locks for the Defense.

Theme Games Announced. You can get out your PalmPilots and mark down the home game themes for the 2019 year.

Aug. 31 – Celebrate Texas Tech Game (Low as $25)
Sept. 7 – Agriculture Game (Low as $35)
Oct. 5 – Energy Game (Low as $65)
Oct. 19 – Homecoming (Low as $45)
Nov. 16 – Celebrate America Game (Low as $65)
Nov. 23 – Senior Day (Low as $40)

Celebrate Cotton game is no longer a thing and is now Celebrate Agriculture, which will include cotton, but also beef, dairy, and other crops. Am guessing that the meat judging is going to be highlighted I’d guess.

Possible Impact Freshman. RedRaiderSports’ Ben Golan lists five freshmen who could have an impact this next year, and this includes redshirt freshmen and I’m usually of the opinion that freshmen aren’t really going to make a big impact normally. Redshirt freshmen usually have a better shot, but most freshmen are so far behind in terms of strength and conditioning so skill positions usually can make a bigger impact because if you’re just fast and skilled, that can translate, but if the position needs strength then it is usually more difficult. I am interested in Xavier Benson, I don’t know what to think about him as I think the Raider position is pretty thin (last year it was Kolin Hill and Tony Jones and they saw a majority of the snaps) and inexperienced.


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