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The Morning Stake | 2019.05.24

Your daily dose of all things Texas Tech athletics.

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Memorial Day Weekend Almost Here. Just hold on for today and hopefully you’ll be enjoying that 3-day weekend here shortly. And huge congrats to Felicity Maltby who was bounced from the singles NCAA Tournament after making it to the Elite Eight, which is the furthest any woman has gone in program history.

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West Virginia 5, Texas Tech 1. Your Red Raiders fell to West Virginia 5-1 yesterday, despite a strong start from Caleb Kilian. Texas Tech will take on Kansas today at 3:15 p.m.

Texas Tech Basketball

Mooney to Visit with Oklahoma City. ThunderWire reports that the Thunder will bring in Matt Mooney for an interview.

Texas Tech Football

100 Days. If you are on social media then you likely saw the “100 Days” campaign pushed out by current players, former players, and coaches. It was actually really neat and this Twitter Moment captures all of it. Ed. I originally embedded the Twitter Moment, but it was really, really, really long, so click the link for all of he Twitter magic.


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