Athlon Sports 2019 All-Big 12 Preseason Teams

It is preseason hype season.

AthlonSports released their All-Big 12 teams and I think it’s pretty sparse, especially on the 1st and 2nd teams, for Texas Tech, with only OL Jack Anderson making the first team and LB Jordyn Brooks and WR T.J. Vasher making the second team. OL Terence Steele, DL Broderick Washington, LB Riko Jeffers, and CB Adrian Frye make the 3rd team with RB Ta’Zhawn Henry and DE Eli Howard making the 4th team.

In terms of Big 12 team breakdown, here’s who had the most:

Iowa State: 15
Texas: 15
Oklahoma: 13
Oklahoma State: 12
TCU: 11
Baylor: 10
Kansas State: 9
Texas Tech: 9
West Virginia: 9
Kansas: 5

Does anyone think that this might be how the conference breaks down at the end of the year? You’ve got a top tier, Iowa State, Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State, then maybe that next group with TCU, Baylor, Kansas State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia, and Kansas.

I don’t know that there are really any huge omissions. I think with Alan Bowman, if he’s healthy all year, then his stats look significantly better and maybe gets that 4th team spot over Baylor’s Charlie Brewer, but that would maybe a tough call. I know that I’d rather have Bowman over Brewer (I think Bowman has a bigger arm), but I’m totally biased.

I think the other thing that this highlights is that these spots that are highlighted here is that these are the positions are the best position groups on the team. Offensive line is a bright spot, with Anderson and Steele and you could maybe add Travis Bruffy to the group as being considered for preseason accolades. Brooks and Jeffers are solid linebackers and are highlighted above and Washington and Howard should prove to be a decent defensive line group. I am a bit surprised that Henry gets the Henry gets the 4th team all-purpose back spot, which he’ll most likely get a ton of carries and I could see that position group being split between Armand Shyne (Utah transfer) and SaRodorick Thompson and Henry.

I also don’t know what to think about T.J. Vasher other than he is supremely talented and the best receiver in terms of talent in the room, but we didn’t see him all spring.


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