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The Morning Stake | 2019.05.15

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Hocutt’s Contract. A-J Media’s Don Williams has the details on athletic director’s Kirby Hocutt contract:

The contract, retroactive to April 1, pays Hocutt $13,901,003 over the next eight years and five months. It starts at $1.5 million for the 2019-20 school year and, with 3 percent annual raises, reaches $1,844,811 in the final year of the deal. The average annual value is about $1.66 million.

Based on the most recent data available, the dollar figures appear to keep Hocutt among the top five highest-paid ADs in the country.

To take an AD job at another Division I-A program between now and Aug. 31, 2021, Hocutt or his future employer would owe Tech $1.5 million within 60 days. The buyout drops to $1.25 million for Hocutt to leave during the 2021-22 school year, $750,000 for the 2022-23 school year and $500,000 should he take another job between Sept. 1, 2024, and Aug. 31, 2027.

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A Dumb Story. I’m not even going to get this correct and I really don’t care. The fact that I’m even putting this on my blog and using a word like “twitch” says that I may need to hang up the blogging keyboard (not really) and go on down to the old town road. Anyway, this Auburn player was on Twitch, which I think is a site where you stream yourself playing video games. Yeah, this is a thing and it is very popular for people to watch video games. My kids will watch them on YouTube. Anyway x 2, this Auburn player said that some Texas Tech players told him (through his sister’s cousin’s nephew’s brother-in-law) that Texas Tech wanted no part of Auburn. The mere fact that this is a story for us means that we are craved for non-stories about some Auburn player that plays video games and makes statements he can’t prove. I have wasted enough time on this.

Draft Lottery. The lottery was held last night and the order is: 1) New Orleans; 2) Memphis; 3) New York; 4) LA Lakers; 5) Cleveland; 6) Phoenix; 7) Chicago; 8) Atlanta; 9) Wizards; 10) Atlanta; 11) Minnesota; 12) Charlotte; 13) Miami; 14) Boston. The thought is still that Culver is likely a top 10 pick and there’s a pretty good chance that some of these picks get traded as teams are hot after New Orleans all-star Anthony Davis.

In any event, Culver is ready.

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Wells in Abilene. Via Big Country Home Page’s Dustin Baker with head coach Matt Wells who was in Abilene meeting with alumni and boosters:

Head Matt Wells said, “The thing that I want to do this first year is build and lay the foundation. That’s the discipline, the physical and mental toughness, and the accountability. Those are the biggest things that we’ve got to focus on, we’ve got to lay the foundation, and then we’ve got to get in the fight. I think the biggest key for us over the summer is picking up where we left off, we can’t go backwards and that’ll remain to be seen. When we start on August 2nd, report on the 1st, that practice on August the 2nd has to be practice 16. It’s the progress that we make over the summer that will set right where we’re at in training camp.”

Q&A’s. RedRaiderSports’ Ben Golan has a handful of Q&A’s that I’m catching up on including the following: punter Austin McNamara, kicker Jon Garibay, and defensive back Dequanteous Watts. I enjoyed all of these, so check them out.

Spring Wrap-Up. LandGrant Gauntlet’s Josh Cowan has a post-spring wrap-up with commentary on a handful of things, including Cowan thinking that the defense will be better (of course there’s no where to go but up — I hope):

Throughout spring practices and in the spring game, the word going around has been that the defense is slightly ahead of the offense for this team. That’s not surprising, given that was the case basically every year for Matt Wells at Utah State.

With returning players like Broderick Washington, Eli Howard, and Jordyn Brooks working as foundational pieces of this new defensive scheme, the potential exists for the Red Raiders to be better there this fall. That would be an interesting change at Texas Tech, which has not been known for producing high end talent. If Wells’ staff can coach up the talent on hand, though, they could turn heads in 2019.


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