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The Morning Stake | 2019.05.09

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National Seed. D1Baseball thinks that Texas Tech is one of the eight national seeds, which would be pretty incredible. I think a lot of folks, me included, have wondered what the potential of this team is and we’re finally starting to see the pitching and the hitting all coming together at the same time, including head coach Tim Tadlock tinkered with the lineup and weekend starters and we’re off and running.

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Report – Mark Adams to Meet with Chicago Bulls. WatchStadium’s Jeff Goodman is reporting that Texas Tech defensive coordinator Mark Adams is not only just a candidate to meet with the Chicago Bulls, but will actually meet with them in Chicago today. Adams has been the defensive guru for Texas Tech and I remember when Adams was originally hired as part of Tubby Smith’s staff as the staff sort of the guy behind the scenes, making schedules and things like that. Anyway, the loss of Adams would be huge, I think Beard has leaned on Adams quite a bit to help his rise as the head coach and even though Adams was a candidate for the Southern Miss position, this one feels very real. Adams isn’t meeting with Chicago to get a cup of coffee. The ony thing that bothers me about Adams doing this is that I wonder if NBA players will buy-in to what he asks of players defensively, but we very well might be finding out.

Culver to NBA Draft Combine. Via the NBA, Jarrett Culver is one of 66 players set to be part of the NBA Draft Combine. Woot!

Best After Zion. You may feel like talking about how great Zion Williamson is too much, but he is, without question, a completely unique player that we haven’t seen at his size and strength and age, so just get used to it. Anyway, SB Nation’s Ricky O’Donnell ranks the players after Zion, and Jarrett Culver is 3rd on this list after Ja Morant and R.J. Barrett:

Versatility is Culverโ€™s calling card. Heโ€™s a long and strong wing (around 6โ€™6, 200 pounds) with the ability to defend multiple positions at the next level. He does a little bit of everything offensively, developing into a quality pick-and-roll ball decision-maker, a skilled finisher at the rim, and a smart cutter who always seems to find the open space in the defense.

The question with Culver is just how high his ceiling is. His jump shot is his main weakness after making only 30 percent of his threes and 70 percent of his free throws this season. He also lacks the takeover scoring ability typically associated with top-five picks. What Culver does have going for him is a high-IQ, two-way game that can be deployed in a variety of ways. In a changing NBA, players with Culverโ€™s adaptability are more valuable than ever.

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Transfer Portal. I don’t know how accurate this is, but let’s just presume that 24/7 Sports via Inside the Red Raiders have this transfer portal information (can anyone access the transfer portal to see who is in it?). Anyway, included in the transfer portal that we haven’t seen in other places are WR Corey Fulcher and RB Da’Leon Ward. Both Fulcher and Ward were suspended all spring so this isn’t a surprise, or maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Thus far, here’s the tally:

Transferring Out: QB McLane Carter; WR Corey Fulcher; OL Gio Pancotti; DT Joe Wallace; RB Da’Leon Ward

Transferring In: WR McLane Mannix; DB Zech McPhearson; LB Evan Rambo; RB Armand Shyne; WR RJ Turner

I haven’t seen the news of Fulcher or Ward reported anywhere else, and I’m not doubting it, I just haven’t seen it other places.


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