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The Morning Stake | 2019.04.26

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Kingsbury Picks Murray. I didn’t really watch any sports-TV last night, I hung out with the boys, they watched The Flash Lego movie, so I did too. Anyway, did catch that Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury selected Kyler Murray with the 1st overall pick. I have no idea how this will play out, but if there is a prototypical quarterback for what people think will be the new NFL (i.e. what the college game has been) then Murray is it. We’ll see if he can hold up physically, but it’s going to be fun to watch.

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Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech. The Red Raiders will host the Cowboys in a top 20 match-up. A bit of a pitching change as Texas Tech will roll out Micah Dallas tonight, Caleb Kilian on Saturday night, and Bryce Bonnin on Sunday afternoon. We’ll have a full preview later today.

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Celebration. We have bits and pieces, but the official site put out some videos and I’m getting emotional at 4:00 a.m. I need a minute.

A-J Media’s Don Williams and the DailyToreador’s Max Hengst both have recaps of last night, and there are more full quotes in the DT article than in the LAJ article (they’re both good though). This is from the DT article:

The fans cheered after he expressed his appreciation of their support and Owens continued to say he will miss getting snacks from assistant coach Mark Adams’ office and how he feels like he was born with his teammates because of how close he was with them.

“Really just our relationship, I mean one through 15, these are all my brothers, coaching staff, I mean I look up to all of them,” Owens said regarding what he will remember about the team. “They all work extremely hard. I’ve learned so much about just being consistent and working hard and you know, bringing it every single day. That’s something I will never forget and you know I love every single one of these guys like they are family.”

Following Owens’ emotional time on the microphone, Mooney was the next player to speak to the fans.

“It’s pretty simple, coach Beard, you know he was the main reason,” Mooney said on why he transferred to Tech. “I came on my visit and I just saw the guys, I saw the culture. I saw Jarrett working, (Davide Moretti) working, these guys in the gym and I was just like, ‘Man, this is the place I want to be.’ Just an unselfish culture, and I knew if I came here I’d get out of the comfort zone.”

Mooney continued to say he was grateful he decided to come to Lubbock and explained the difference in cultures of his team at South Dakota and Tech’s team.

“We’re just different here,” Mooney said. “At my old school, I was kind of one of the only guys, there was one other guy, we would always be in the gym, and I came here and everybody was in the gym, every day, all day. That’s why we were able to have a good year.”

And the sportstacular KCBD’s Pete Christy spoke with Matt Mooney (there’s video at the link as well) about what’s next for him:

“I’m heading out to Phoenix just to start doing some workouts out there. I signed with an agent from Octagon, Chris Emens. Their agent they send their guys to Phoenix. We will have a Pro Day on May 23rd where a lot of scouts come in and see you work out. Hopefully some NBA teams will invite me in for workouts. Hopefully I can get on a summer league roster. I don’t think I’ll get drafted. I’m hoping a team or two gives me an opportunity. It just takes one to like you. I’m gonna try my best to get a roster spot. If not, I’m going to be playing professionally somewhere next year.”

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Mahomes on Madden. Your large adult son is so famous.

Oh, and you can Texas Tech to create a quarterback in Madden 20.


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