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The Morning Stake | 2019.02.22

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Big Sports Weekend. I hope you like your sports because you’ll get your fill of it this weekend. Every spring sport is in action except women’s golf. I think that’s an accurate statement.

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Leadman. This is the story of Dave Mackey, an ultrarunner who was out for a run a couple of years ago, grabbed a boulder that ended up falling on his leg (it was 250 pounds) and after numerous surgeries decided to amputate that leg. This is Mackey’s story of running the Leadville 100 and being the first leg amputee to finish the race under the required time.

Texas Tech Track and Field

Texas Tech Golf

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Texas Tech Softball

11-0 and Run Ruled. The softball team continued to stay undefeated, run-ruling #13 Arizona State 8-0, with pitcher Erin Edmoundson was one pitch away from her second no-hitter of the year. They continue to play this weekend in California at the Nutter Classic.

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Baseball

Kentucky Series. The Wildcats are up next, first pitch for the first game is today at 2:00 p.m. I’ll have the preview and series thread up at noon.

Texas Tech Basketball

Hold the Door. I don’t watch Game of Thrones so a ton of these references are above my head, but they look cool as hell.

Moretti = Academic All-District.

Texas Tech Football

We Hardly Knew Ya. Special teams coach Joe Lorig is no longer the special teams coach for Texas Tech as he’s taken the same position at Penn State. Lorig was here for what, maybe a couple of months, and just long enough to finish up a recruiting class with lots of special teams players. Lorig arrived from Memphis and I thought that he was maybe one of the higher paid coaches on the staff, but apparently, Penn State had a better deal.

This is a commentary about assistant coaches in general, but I think we’re getting to the point where assistant coaches are coaches for hire, they’ll go wherever they get paid the most. I don’t blame them, but you should pretty much just consider coaches to be one-year things and once they are here in August, then that’s pretty much the relationship between now December. These assistant coaches are pretty much disposable, although you’d like to hang on to a staff to build some consistency, it just doesn’t seem that’s how things are trending with assistant coaches. Justus Parker tweeted yesterday to bring back Adam Scheier and I’d be all for that. He seemed like an absolute genuine guy and I thought special teams definitely improved under his watch.

Carter to Run.

Spring Workouts.

Hocutt to USA Football Development Model Council.


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