Recruiting on the Plains: 2020 Quarterback Wilson Long Commits to Texas Tech

A quarterback for the 2020 class.

Player: Wilson Long
Position: Quarterback
Height / Weight: 6-1/180
High School: Regents School of Austin (Austin, TX)
Offers: Texas Tech
Recruiting Services: Rivals 5.6 | 24/7 Sports 87 | ESPN N/R
Video: Hudl
Cumulative Ranking: 86.28
Profile Date: November 2, 2018

Wilson Long, a 2020 quarterback, committed to Texas Tech last night and this was a surprise for me (I follow recruiting, but I don’t really know what’s happening behind the scenes). Wilson spoke to InsideTheRedRaiders’ Matt Clare about why he committed:

“Well, I really like the Texas Tech coaching staff,” Long said. “But really the biggest thing was choosing the right school for me. I talked about that a lot with my parents, prayed about it and I can say that 100-percent, Texas Tech is the right school for me and I believe that it is where I’m meant to be.

“Plus, Coach Kingsbury is a legend when it comes to the quarterback position and you only have to look at all of the quarterbacks he has helped to develop. I’m super excited to get the opportunity to play for him and his staff at Texas Tech.”

There’s more there, so make sure and check it out.

Clare noted in his article that Wilson had almost 3,000 yards passing, 27 touchdowns, over 1,000 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns last year, while he has 1,400 yards, over 650 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns this year.

Long seems incredibly poised and I’d guess he knows what he wants to do with the ball before it’s snapped. He seems really decisive about where he’s going and I like his arm strength. I’m also a big fan of his athleticism and Kingsbury has said multiple times that he wants guys who can escape, not that they are necessarily runners, but can get out of bad situations and Wils can do that and more.

This is a really terrific commitment for the first one for 2020. I’m totally not ready to be thinking that a kid is going to be a 2020 guys, but here we are. Welcome to the future.


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