Weekly Conversation: Texas Tech vs. Iowa State

Children of the Corn. Nope-ity nope.

Last Week’s Game

Seth: Well, we were both pretty wrong about how the Kansas game played out; however, it could have been a lot closer with Kansas absolutely missing out on three different opportunities to score touchdowns. I thought that Alan Bowman looked a little rusty, especially in the first half, but he still threw for 400 yards, completed 80% of his passes and here I am calling that performance rusty. What were your general thoughts about the game?

Travis: I’m really beginning to just enjoy this team. There are so many different things to pick and choose from, and there are plenty of areas where we could hope for improvement, but, man, when the game is winding down it’s hard for me not to just feel extremely proud of how far these guys have come and how much they deserve good things to happen. I texted in our super secret Mensa group about how happy I am that Kliff was able to beat UT last year and give himself another chance at proving that he can be a legit head coach. I’ve always thought his character and approach were on the right track so I’m so glad to see the results start to follow behind. I’m not sure if there’s another coach in America more deserving of success than Kingsbury.

And that defense. Man, I love what Gibbs has done with those guys.

Suburban Gangsters

Travis: So Halloween is right around the corner and it’s probably my boys favorite holiday. Cash got a Batman outfit a few weeks ago but the rest of us are struggling with costume ideas. We’re under pressure because Keith’s big Halloween party is this Saturday night. Any suggestions on a theme for my family?

Seth: You guys always do Halloween right. I’m Captain Lame and I don’t recall the last time that I dressed up for Halloween, but I sure as heck enjoy seeing you all get dressed up.

Since I’m terrible at my own costume, it would only make sense that I would be terrible with your costumes, so I tried to think of things that you love, the NBA and Rocky, as well as some other ideas. I hope you love them.

1. Go as Russell Westbrook’s best pre-game outfits (yeah, he’s got outfits). You may need to print off pictures of his best outfits so you can show how you all pulled that s off.
2. Various villains to Cash’s Batman. He’ll be the superhero to save them all.
3. Rocky, Adrian, Mickey and Paulie. Don’t even ask me which one of the two girls in your life has to be either Rocky, Mickey, or Paulie.
4. One last time for David, Tim, Manu and Tony.
5. The Golden Girls. I think you have to go as Blanche.

Travis: The boys are excited about the Rocky theme so we’ll see if we can sell it to the girls.

The Best Thing Ever

Seth: So my best thing ever this week is something that’s incredibly practical. I bought a pair of glasses from some online store because I’m cheap. And I typically wear contacts during the day and put on glasses after work. Anyway, the glasses kept slipping off of my nose and it was incredibly annoying. I know that I can get that fixed, but I don’t have time for that. but what I do have time for is an old school rec-spec solution, went down to my local Walmart, picked up a strap that goes across the back of my head and I’ve been wearing that proudly and doing handstands just to show that my glasses stay on my face now.


Travis: My best thing this week is the STP Dia De Los Muertos shirt created by Brian that I finally ordered and received. Got the dark grey tri-blend and wore it all weekend. It’s gonna be a great shirt.

Random Top Five

Travis: So, top five scariest movies you’ve ever seen.
1. Blair Witch Project. (The original) That last scene when the camera pans across that room and you can see that dude standing in the corner. Holy hell that scared me.

2. The Shining. Stay the hell out of room 217 or 237.

3. Halloween (The original) A classic and it spawned almost all the slasher movies that followed.

4. Get Out. This is new and not necessarily the classic definition of a horror movie, but it’s so good.

5. Children of the Corn. Just a total freak out of a movie and makes you want to stay away from kids for a while.

I’ll admit my list might not be the most all-encompassing because my family isn’t the biggest fan of horror flicks, but those five seem pretty legit.

Seth: LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. You’re hilarious to think that I’ve watched multiple horror films. I’ve watched one in my entire life, Children of the Corn. I hate horror movies because I am a wimp and I don’t like to be scared. I mentioned last week how I am constantly running from the bear and there’s nothing that will make me walk away from the television quicker than seeing anything stressful or scary on the television. I have problems.

In lieu of that, I’ll give you my top 5 movies that my kids are currently addicted to:

1. Kung Fu Panda 3.
2. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (yeah, it’s a bit early for this)
4. Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
5. Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants

This Week’s Game

Travis: As for the Iowa State game I’m a little bit worried. They seem to be hitting a stride and I hate hate hate that this is an. 11am game. I’m concerned about those big WRs because we seem to have trouble with guys like that and they’ve had our number for the last few years. I’m just hoping we get a few breaks and find a way to rattle their freshman QB while ours is able to thrive. I feel like this might play out similar to the TCU game, where it’s a low-scoring slog for the most part.

Seth: I’m very worried. Iowa State is scary (not like Children of the Corn, but isn’t that sorta ironic) and they’re a well-coached team. But Texas Tech has had success against well-coached teams like TCU and Oklahoma State, so I’m hoping that this trend continues. I’ve got faith in this team and I’m really interested in the offensive wrinkles that Kingsbury and Kevin Johns introduces into the game plan.

Game Predictions

Travis: But, even with all that, I’m gonna go with Tech winning 24-17. What the hell. Let’s do this damn thing.

Seth: The. Thing. Texas Tech 33, Iowa State 30.


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