Staff & Community Predictions: Kansas vs. Texas Tech

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OddsShark essentially has the game at Texas Tech -18, which is what I asked the staff to pick this game at so you all get that number too.

Staff Predictions

Dan Swany
Straight Up (3-3): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (3-3): Texas Tech
Commentary: To lose this game would be a disaster, and we don’t need to poop the bed right now after a strong showing in the first half of the season. Our Red Raiders will roll in this one and have a comfortable 30+ point lead by the start of the 4th quarter. I expect to see Cole Garrett playing at QB by the end of the game. The Tech defense will not give up more than 10 points in the match. Wreck ‘em!!!

Straight Up (4-2): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (4-2): Texas Tech
Commentary: With the spread at 18 I’m slightly hesitant to pick Tech to cover, but I’m going to and here’s why. The Jayhawks have been excellent at forcing turnovers, they lead the nation in turnover margin, turnovers gained (18), and are #5 in interceptions (11). However, their rushing defense is #88 allowing over 177 yards per game. In Big 12 play that number balloons to almost 208. I think if Jett Duffey gets the start we’ll see him with some big chunk plays on the ground and we’re going to see the stable of Texas Tech running backs feast on this Kansas defense. The Tech defense will also have the anemic Jayhawk offense under their thumb all day forcing a widening margin. I expect Tech to be up at least two scores by halftime.

Straight Up (3-3): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (3-3): Kansas
Commentary: Kansas is +13 this year in the turnover margin meaning they take care of the ball and like to pluck it away from the other team. Due to TTU’s current QB situation, I could see that working in their favor this week. I don’t anticipate a lot of passing so the clock will continue to wind with both offenses on the field minimizing the amount of possessions. I’m envisioning a 31-14 victory for the good guys, not quite enough to cover.

Michael LaBarre
Straight Up (4-2): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (6-0): Texas Tech
Commentary: The Red Raider have beaten this year’s spread in three of the past five years. The two exceptions are 2014, when the Red Raiders were awful, and 2015, which I was weird considering Tech put up big point on everyone but Kansas. The Jayhawks fired their offensive coordinator and the Tech defense has been good compared to last years. I have a hard time thinking Kansas scores a large amount of point and Tech doesn’t put up real good numbers once again on the Jayhawks. Plus it’s in Lubbock. I’m picking Tech to defeat Kansas and beat the spread.

Straight Up (2-4): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-4): Kansas
Commentary: Texas Tech will comfortably win this game. Where I think Kansas keeps it closer than what some fans would like is their matchup in forcing turnovers with the likely Tech starter in Jett Duffey. The Tech offense will be able to move the ball and score and the defense will contain the 100+ ranked KU offense. In my conversation with Brian Hanni, the key he pointed out is that while Kansas is forcing all these turnovers (leading the nation in turnover margin), they aren’t able to capitalize and turn them into points. If Duffey is turning the ball over, I see it only limiting the points for Tech and not contributing to Kansas’ point total.

Straight Up (5-1): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (5-1): Kansas
Commentary: I’ve got a bad feeling that sailing won’t be as smooth on Saturday. Kansas is #1 in the country in turnovers gained & turnover margin (as per Keith in his Big 12 preview), and we’re more than likely going to see a Jett Duffey led offense on Saturday. The big TCU win already puts you in danger of a let down game, and with Iowa State next week, you can’t get caught looking ahead. Got the makings of trouble, is what I’m saying.

Straight Up (3-3): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (3-3): Kansas
Commentary: When the spread was 20, I was pretty sure I was picking Kansas to cover, but Texas Tech to win, but 18 makes me think a bit more and I’ve somewhat said all week that I think it’s a 15 point game, and I pretty much still think that. A two touchdown win would seem like a decent amount and I think we’re still not really thinking that the Texas Tech offense really needs a game where all of the cylinders are clicking, hopefully this happens this week and my against the spread pick is wrong.

Community Predictions (4-2)

If you voted last week, please feel free to keep track of your own progress in the comments. Not a bad community predictions record, although no one can touch LaBarre right now, take him to Vegas.

Predict the outcome of the Kansas vs. Texas Tech game.

Texas Tech, by 19 or more.
Texas Tech, by 18 or less.
Kansas, by 4 or more.
Kansas, by 3 or less.
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