Texas Tech to Wear Throwback (and Better) Uniforms Against TCU

C’mon, you know that the throwbacks are the best uniforms.

I know that I’m a day late on this (job and soccer practice and everything else) but Texas Tech announced yesterday that Texas Tech football would be wearing throwback uniforms against TCU that harken back to the 1974 team. I mention in the title that these throwback uniforms are simply better and they are, whether it be with the white helmet or the black helmet, they’re all great. Of course, I’ve mentioned this a handful of times, but I’m a much bigger fan of the old double-t as I simply thinks it works and looks better. There’s no need for all of those bevels.

In any event, this is a great look and I am glad to see it. The stars on the helmet, the striping on the pants and the striping on the helmet all look great. I know that a lot of you all aren’t a fan of the white helmets, mainly because Tommy Tuberville brought them back, but the white helmet with the stripes is something that’s been a part of Texas Tech’s football history. I’ve thought that this helmet and the black helmet with the red old double-t (with black jersey and gray pants) from the Zach Thomas era were really well done and this uniform now enters as one of my favorites.


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